Wedding Tips: Save-the-Date To Underwater Wedding
Matthew Campbell

26% of #brides do their own make-up on their #wedding day. Will you?

6 months before the wedding – mail save-the-dates

What fills dance floors? Michael Jackson, Usher, Lady Gaga, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’

Cocktail hour finger food ideas – croquettes, sliders, push pops, falafel, cannoli, specialty corn dogs

Men – would you wear an engagement ring?

Fun meal ideas – Breakfast, family-style, regional foods, made-to-order, food trucks

Wedding reception venue table types – round, square, rectangle and cocktail

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40 Unique Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Online –

Wedding songs to skip – remixes and mashups of songs as guests want to hear complete songs

Wedding Tip: Offer 1 dish on the menu that is Vegan, Gluten-Free and Macrobiotic

Want an adult only wedding? Consider hiring a babysitter or have a kids’ VIP room

Bride honeymoon must-haves – lacquer, scrub, sunscreen, body cream, perfume, lipstick, cleanser, bronzer, texturizer

Money saving tip: Bar tabs do not increase during dinner at the typical one drink per hour – worry about other times.

Save on a fish dish by selecting trout over salmon. Trout is not seasonal and is not all line caught.

18% of brides buy their wedding dress online – will or did you?

Meals by cost – Buffet – encourages mingling, Seated – classy & formal, Stations – personalized food options

22 Awesomely Bad Wedding Dresses
Underwater Wedding
16% of bridal couples go on a cruise for their honeymoon. If so, consider a cruise registry.

Average length of a wedding ceremony? 30 minutes

Unique wedding favor – Car air freshener with your wedding date or favorite cooky picture

The longest underwater wedding had 261 guests in 2010 in Italy.

13% of brides return to their hometown to get married? Will or have you?

On average, 40,400 weddings every weekend in the USA

Matt is the co-owner and webmaster of In 2015 he updated his first eBook, Wedding Music eBook: Wedding Song Ideas For Your Wedding & Reception. He owned/operated a mobile DJ service in Montana while performing at more than 100 weddings. Matt lives in Las Vegas with his wife since 2000.

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