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These are the Best Polka Songs for Weddings to get people on the dance floor! Polka music is a form of European dance music which originated in Bohemia (now an area within the Czech Republic). Polka music made its way into America with immigrants from Eastern Europe.

best polka songs

There are different styles of Polka depending on ethnic influences. The main emphasis in many polka songs is the use of one musical instrument – the accordion. Along with the accordion, polka songs can be accompanied by fiddles, clarinets and rhythm section.

Our Top Best Polka Songs for a Reception: 1) Beer Barrel Polka – Frankie Yankovic.

Best Polka Songs

Babe Wagner – Doghouse Polka

Bob Crosby – Hop-Scotch Polka

Bobby Vinton – Beer Barrel Polka

Frank Yankovic – In Heaven There Is No Beer

Frank Yankovic – Just Because

Frankie Yankovic – Let’s Have A Party

Frankie Yankovic – Pennsylvania Polka

Frankie Yankovic – Too Fat Polka

Frankie Yankovic – Hoop-Dee-Doo

Frankie Yankovic – I’m Gonna Get A Dummy

Jimmy Dorsey – Clarinet Polka

Jimmy Dorsey – Helena Polka

Jimmy Dorsey – Licorice Stick Polka

Jimmy Sturr – Blue Skirt Waltz

Osborne Brothers – Orange Blossom Special

The Babe Wagner Band – On Your Toes

The Emeralds – The Bird Dance

Walt Solek – Hey, Hey Farmer Gray

Walt Solek – What Do I Care?

If you are interested in purchasing a good CD for weddings, we recommend a CD named “Polka Hits The Casuals Way.” The disc offers 10 Karaoke style hits which include Let’s Have a Party/E-I,E-I-O, Just Because, In Heaven There Is No Beer, Who Stole The Keishka, Too Fat Polka, Roll Out The Barrel, Blue Skirt Waltz, Pennsylvania Polka, The Bird Dance, and Grab Your Balls We’re Going Bowling. If you want to purchase the disc, please contact Ray Zalokar of You can also email Ray 247polka[at]247polkaheaven[dot]com for more information.

Polka dances as danced in 2/4 time. The pattern is a hop-step-close-step. One of the most popular versions of the polka is the “heel and toe and away we go” due to its ease to execute. Nowadays polka dances can be considered in the categories of ballroom and country and western.

Considered America’s Polka King, Frankie Yankovic, helped popularize polka music in America while releasing more than 200 polka singles. Frankie Yankovic obtained the title of America’s Polka King after beating Duke Ellington in a battle of the bands at the Milwaukee Arena. In 1986 he was awarded the first ever Grammy in the Best Polka Recording category. Frankie was so popular, he could probably could have every song on our list. When playing a polka song at a wedding, you cannot go wrong with Frankie Yankovic.

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    Interested in most popular polkas

    • Matthew CampbellReply
      July 14, 2015 at 10:30 pm

      Hi Helga. If you are interested in the history and different styles of Polkas, read the following article: History of Polka

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