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Selecting wedding reception songs for a wedding can be a daunting task. So can ceremony songs too. To help in your song search, we created lists of popular wedding music by many different categories and including most styles of music. Wedding ceremony songs start with the processional to the altar and finish with recessional songs leaving the altar with everything in-between. Wedding reception songs include all activities from the bride and groom‘s grand entrance to the last dance song. Be sure to also check out our list of 41 wedding events to set to music.

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Wedding music sets the tone for the entire wedding event. Selected songs can certainly add charm and personality to the whole wedding affair. Thus, we offer lists of some of the popular wedding songs that can be played on your wedding day.  Wedding songs are offered to help plan music for your wedding reception. The wedding song lists are free for you to use. Once viewing the lists, you will have the opportunity to listen to song clips, and download songs from iTunes.

Wedding Songs – Ceremony

The time when the officiant marries the bride and groom and all the rituals included is called the wedding ceremony. The ceremony includes the starting point when the briadal party walk down the aisle – processional through the time the bridal party leave the altar – the processional.

  • Processional Songs:  As the bridal party enter the ceremony venue and walk towards the altar, view a list of popular wedding processional songs.
  • Unity Candle Songs:  As the bride and groom light their unity candle in unison from their individually lit candles, view a list of popular unity candle songs.
  • Recessional Songs:  As the bridal party leave the altar area after the newlyweds are announced, view a list of popular wedding recessional songs.

Wedding Reception Songs

Our wedding reception songs suggestions are for brides and grooms to choose songs that they can dance to with their special to-be husband or wife, family and guests on their Big Day. The wedding songs selected will always remind the bride, groom and guests of the fun and special moments they had at the wedding.

Wedding Reception Songs – Formal Dances

There are common formal dances that are planned for many weddings. View the popular formal dances with their popular accompanying songs. The following dances are all on one web page for your convenience. You can view the popular songs from each wedding song lists, listen to a snippet of the song, and an option to purchase through iTunes.

Wedding Reception Songs – Bouquet and Garter

It is a common tradition for the bride to toss her bouquet to all the single ladies in attendance. In addition, it is a common tradition for the groom to toss the Bride’s garter to all the single men in attendance. View popular songs for both special events.

  • Bouquet Toss Songs:  Popular songs to play while the bride tosses her bouquet.
  • Garter Removal Songs:  Popular songs to play while the groom removes the bride’s garter from her leg.
  • Garter Toss Songs: Popular songs to play while the groom tosses the bride’s garter.
  • Garter Placement Songs: Popular songs to play while the garter toss winner places the bride’s garter on the winner of the bouquet toss.

Wedding Reception Songs – Events and Dedications

Special events during a wedding reception can be set to music. View popular song lists for these special events.

  • Anniversary Songs – Popular songs to play at weddings to celebrate all married couples in attendance.
  • Dinner Music – Popular songs to play while guests eat their main course.
  • Cake Cutting Songs – Popular songs to play while the bride and groom cut their cake and make their toast.
  • Money Dance Songs – Popular songs to play during the dollar dance (multiple songs needed).
  • Entrance Songs – Popular songs to play as the wedding party and bride and groom enter the reception venue.
  • Line Dance Songs – Popular group dance songs to fill the dance floor with many people.
  • Memorial Songs – Popular songs to remember the loved ones lost.
  • Last Dance Songs – Just as people remember their last bite, they will also remember the evening’s last song.

Wedding Songs – by Era

Wedding Songs – by Genre

Specialty Wedding Reception Songs


Specialty Wedding Songs

Wedding Music eBook of Wedding Songs Lists is offering a free ebook of today’s popular wedding music with 50+ wedding song lists. The pdf file is a complete listing of music suggestions for your upcoming wedding ceremony and reception. The Wedding Music eBook.

Looking for song lyrics? Read our article about the finding the right wedding songs in regards to wedding song lyrics. Want more in-depth information on wedding songs, read our wedding reception songs article.

Current popular songs downloaded on Amazon can be viewed on Amazon’s Best MP3 Songs page. The top songs on iTunes can be viewed on the iTunes Charts page.

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