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Matthew Campbell

Wedding Reception Survival KitWedding receptions are the same as our daily lives.  Nothing goes without a hitch.  Something will go wrong but we cannot predict the severity.  However, we can offer some guidance to help prepare a wedding reception survival kit.

We do not want to include items that are on our other survival kits for the bride and groom.  Rather, we created a list of items that you may need in a pinch.  The kit would be more considered a must for all wedding vendors.

Items are sometimes forgot at home or even purchased for a wedding reception.  However, the following list are items that can definitely must be at a wedding reception, and it cannot go on without them.

Wedding Reception Survival Kit

  • Extension cords – Have extra extension cords ready in varied lengths from several 6 footers up to a couple 100 footers.  This is in case there are not any close outlets for the stringed lights to the up-lighting.
  • Server knife – What do you do if the bride and groom cannot locate their special cake and knife set?  Having a a server knife to cut and serve the cake would save the day!
  • CD/iPod of the ceremony songs and specialty dance songs with stereo and batteries.  It’s best to be safe than sorry.  If the power goes out, you will have music of the most important songs.
  • What do you do if something happens with the food?  Have phone numbers of your favorite local delivery places handy.  Pizza, Chinese, ect.  If not, they may make a great after-party snack.
  • Extra candles – If the power goes out, extra candles will save the day!  They can also add a romantic mood during dinner.
  • Write a standard dinner blessing and toast written out for the guest who cannot think on their toes.  This is particularly helpful when videographers film guests giving their blessing to the bride and groom.  Some may not think of exactly what to say and will regret forever as now it is on the wedding video.
  • Extra garter –  Bride and grooms may not always think of buying two garters – one to keep and one for the garter toss.  Have an extra plain white garter just for the toss.
  • Need to hold 2 things together?  We suggest having 3 items – duct tape, two-sided tape and safety pins.  Safety pins can help bustle a dress or act as a tie tack.

As the old saying goes: Fail to Plan and as a result plan to fail.  Just thinking of items to put in a wedding reception survival kit can make all the difference and save the day!

Matt is the co-owner and webmaster of In 2015 he updated his first eBook, Wedding Music eBook: Wedding Song Ideas For Your Wedding & Reception. He owned/operated a mobile DJ service in Montana while performing at more than 100 weddings. Matt lives in Las Vegas with his wife since 2000.

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