personalize reception

10 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Reception

personalize reception
Today’s bride wants her wedding like no other wedding. For that matter, who would? You would want your wedding to show your love for each other and also show your own personality. Here are 15 ways to personalize your wedding reception.

  1. Love watching movies together as a “date night”? Consider having a vintage popcorn maker to serve kettle corn popcorn.
  2. For the eco-friendly bride, consider sapling wedding favors. Guests can plant them and think of you season after season.
  3. Create a wedding photo table of other family member’s wedding pictures. You can also include friends’ wedding pictures. A great touch would be to have vintage picture frames holding wedding pictures of your family members that have passed – like great-great-grandparents.
  4. Have guests sign a unique guest book. Check out our Gutsy Guest Book pins on Pinterest for great guest book ideas.
  5. It is said that every bride gets her wedding cake. Grooms can also have their custom groom cake. Who’s to say the bride cannot have her personal cake too? Just make sure the wedding cake is not very big if 3 custom cakes are ordered.
  6. Love the idea of having a kids area at the wedding reception. Cover the table in rolled paper for coloring with markers and crayons. Be sure to include the Bride and Groom’s favorite childhood toys like Matchbox cars, board games, Legos, stuffed animals, and whatever else is a favorite.
  7. At one time it was quite popular to call radio stations and make song dedications. So can be done at the wedding reception. You can make pre-determined song dedications for special guests or family members. Be sure to speak with the music entertainment as to the most appropriate time to play the dedications as to not interrupt the flow of the night.
  8. The number one easiest way to personalize your wedding reception is though the wedding favors. Love camping, offer s’mores kits. Love music, offer custom flash drives with your digital wedding music. Love to bake, offer homemade cookie kits. Have a green thumb, offer take home succulents. Your options are endless.
  9. Having a late night reception? Consider bringing in an after-party snack. Customize to your style of event. Options include sliders, pizza, tacos, sushi, doughnuts, and whatever else that will soak up the alcohol.
  10. Last but not least is the bride and groom attire. Personalized attire include the following: adding color to the all white wedding dress, your shoes, the flowers selected for the boutonniere and bouquet, choices for old-new-borrowed-blue, and the lasting style of your photography.

Best Wedding Song Ever? View Top 10

Best Wedding Song EverQuite a debate can be had while deciphering what the best wedding song ever might be. Many songs are played over and over and over. However, today’s bride really wants a different experience than every other bride. What gives? If you want to be different, do not select a song below as these are the most popular songs ever to be played at weddings.

We reviewed songs through the years that have staying power today and also have lasted the test of time. We also looked at songs that were recently released that will be played for years to come. In addition, our goal was to select an array of music genres and eras.

Top 10 Best Wedding Song Ever

At Last – Etta James, released in 1960, Soul Music

Marry Me – Train, released in 2010, Folk Rock Music

Bless The Broken Road – Rascal Flatts, released in 1994, Country Music

All Of Me – John Legend, released in 2013, R&B Music

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley, released in 1961, Pop Rock Music

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith, released in 1998, Rock Music

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong, released in 1967, Pop Jazz Music

Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers, released in 1965, Soul Music

Marry You – Bruno Mars, released in 2011, Pop R&B Music

The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra, released in 1964, Pop Jazz Music

What type of song makes for the best wedding song ever? It must be the epitome of love. The song must express love for another as that is what a wedding is all about. Getting married was a popular theme recently with Marry Me by Train, Marry You by Bruno Mars and also not on the list Marry Me by Jason Derulo.

Movies also played a big role in the list of best wedding song ever. Movies feature mega hits like Armageddon with I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, and Ghost with Unchained Melody.

10 Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

10 Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

What a better way to show your own wedding style and personality than on top of the wedding cake. How many times do you see see nothing on top of the cake? We try to break the norm and think outside of the box. Skip the traditional bridal couple or monograms for something fun and exciting!
10 Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

  • Salt and Pepper shakers. Selecting the theme of the salt and pepper shakers that tells your story. You can have any shakers with a sign that reads “We Go Together Like”. You can also be fun with it by having a place where you met like a movie theater. You could be fun with it like a cat and mouse, convicts, and ketchup and mustard.
  • Action figures. The only advice here is be sure they are close in size or it won’t look right. You can select super heroes, ken and barbie, G.I. Joe’s, and much, much more. Just go to your local superstore and walk the aisles for your own resemblances. Hans Solo and Princess Leia anyone?
  • King and Queen chess pieces. This is perfect for the competitive bride and groom. In addition, you can find chess pieces in crystal to wood to marble to whatever matches your wedding style.
  • Cake Sparklers. Light the sparklers while you feed each other cake. Which one will have more of an explosion?
  • Cake pops. Cake pops are very popular right now. Why not have one painted as the bride and the other the groom. This would also be a convenient “layer” of cake to save for your first anniversary.
  • His and Her Figures of animals or insects or bugs. Whatever suits your fancy. You can have a bull elk with cow, lion and lioness, owls, giraffes, elephants or any other duo. Just don’t pick the praying mantis!
  • Miniature chairs. This may sound crazy but what a great way to show your style. Want rustic – have wood rocking chairs. Beach theme – select chaise lounge chairs. Go to your local craft store and paint your own color wood chairs. Leather chair and victorian chair anyone?
  • Polaroid pictures. You can take pictures of each other facing at the camera. Otherwise, be creative and make a photogenic scene with each other looking at each other out of the corners of their eyes, one looking up at the other, both picture put together like you are kissing. Be as creative as you want to be.
  • Miniature shoes. Love the idea to show who each of you really are. Men – cowboy boot, skate shoe, Air Jordan, old-style Converse shoe, cleat, bowling shoe, dress shoe, moccasin. Women – all the same plus Cinderella’s shoe, high heels, knee-high boots. Take a look in your closet and you decide.
  • Miniature Head-ware. For the sports fans you can have baseball hats, football helmets, and hockey helmets. You can also have cowboy hats, fishing hats (with lures), fedoras, hard hats, beanies.
5 Sources New Wedding Music

5 Sources of New Wedding Music

Sources of New Wedding MusicWhat sources of new wedding music exist? When I was a young boy, I remember having my radio blasting in my room listening to music. The best way to find new music was to have a cassette tape in the player ready to record. While listened to Top 40 countdowns by Dick Clark or Casey Kasem, I would prepare to press the play and record buttons at the same time in order to get my favorite new songs on a mix tape. This was the best way to prevent the disappointment of purchasing a compete cassette album and only liking two or three songs out of eleven.

Although mix tapes have gone by the waste side, the same theory still exists – just on a larger scale. Music lovers can have their favorite music in their clouds and pull the music onto their digital devices. While playing random songs, listers have a selection from hundreds, if not thousands, of songs to choose. You can choose between different playlists created by many listeners.

Well, in 2014, finding new music can be a challenge. However, we have our top 5 sources for new music.

1. Billboard is still the king of popular songs based on many different music styles. You can choose styles of music including Christian, R&B, Rock, Country, Latin, Dance and much more. Take a look at all of their charts on the following web page:

2. Amazon is one of the biggest providers of digital music. They have a list of the most popular downloaded songs by many different categories including their top 100 best music sellers, alternative, folk, jazz, blues, rock and much more.

3. iTunes top 100 most popular songs list. The list features the most downloaded songs up to the week. What I really like about the list is that it showcases a true representation as to what is popular right now across many genres for the masses. You can see the list on the following web page:

4. Pandora is a great place to discover new music in your favorite genre. If you are looking for music that will typically be played at weddings, we suggest playing adult contemporary stations. We also suggest picking artists that fit into your style of music. For example, if you like new smooth adult rock songs, select artists like Passenger, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Train, Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson and Matt Nathanson. Be sure to create an account and save your station settings!

5. I know the last answer is a bit cliche but information on the Internet is always changing. Therefore, number five on the list is search engines. We will include in our list of search engines Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo. Why search engines you may ask yourself? Because they are a great source of song lists as years pass. In 2017, hopefully you will still be able to find relevant music to your desired searches. Example, What are the best country wedding songs right now? Guaranteed there is a list on a search engine. What are some of the great modern waltz songs? Just put the question into a search engine. Looking for new indie wedding songs? Please test a search engine as the good ones will give new relevant results!

Bonus #6, please check out’s 50+ song lists. The lists are updated annually and will be a great source of music lists for any music lover!

10 Money Saving Wedding Planning Tips

10 Money Saving Wedding Planning Tips

Every bride looks for the best deal before making purchases. The shopping aspect is part of the hunt that many women love. Many women like to wait until the last minute before making a big purchase to be positive that a better deal didn’t come along. Therefore, check out our list of 10 money saving wedding planning tips.
10 Money Saving Wedding Planning Tips

  1. Just because you cater your own wedding does not mean you will save a bunch of money. Think about the cost of the food, the amount of time taken to plan the menu, the transportation expenses to purchase the ingredients and to the reception venue, and the time taken to prepare all the food and cook the food. Be sure you think of all the little details before having self-hosted meals.
  2. All inclusive venues can be less expensive than hiring all vendors yourself. Venues who have contracts with their own specific vendors typically have a special fee as they are hiring the vendor more than just for one event.
  3. Money savings can be had when the ceremony and reception are in the same facility. If the place of worship has a hall, typically discounts can be negotiated if booking both locations at the same time. If you don’t have to rent an entirely different venue for both the ceremony and reception, the cost should be minimal for a few extra hours versus a completely new rental contract.
  4. Live bands are awesome for the live excitement factor at a wedding reception. Keep in mind that a band with a drummer, lead singer and guitarist will be less expensive than when adding other musician talent. Musicians have their minimums to play and the price will go up if the fee is divided six ways versus three ways.
  5. Before planning a wedding at a private outdoor location (like a park, or family or friend’s house), consider all the additional fees to be absorbed. What you might ask? Generators for power, rental of tents, tables, chairs, portable toilets, dance floor, lighting and much more.
  6. Don’t spend any extra on printing costs for stationery that will most often be thrown away after the wedding day is over. Common printables to spend less on are the menu cards, escort cards, ceremony cards, table numbers and place cards. If you are purchasing printed products, be sure to purchase all at the same time from the same business as bundling will save money.
  7. If you are getting married in a religious venue, be sure to scan the contract and cover all details. Many places of worship are very strict on what they will allow and what vendors in their locations. Examples: Do they allow flowers on the alter, is their pianist included in the price, what music selections are allowed, can you bring in your own musicians? Be sure you express your desired ceremony before making purchases as you may not be able to or may be included in the contract.
  8. Talk with your local florist before making your special flower selections for the boutonnieres, bouquets and floral arrangements. Why? Because nothing will be saved if selecting flowers out of bloom the day of the wedding. Example: roses bloom from mid-spring to fall. Save a bit if your wedding is in winter and don’t have roses. Instead, consider daphnes or red river lilies.
  9. When designing a wedding cake, the more work, the more money. A simple elegant wedding cake will be less money than a cake with lots of sugar elements. Another option is to have a wedding cake with a single layer of cake and the rest covered styrofoam. The pieces of cake served to guests can be less expensive cut from sheet cake.
  10. When planning the menu with caterers, the biggest money saving tip we can say is the more variety means more money. How many main course selections to offer? Steak, chicken, fish and vegetarian? How many different hors d’oeuvres need to be served during cocktail hour?
las vegas wedding save the date postcards

Pastel and Bold Las Vegas Wedding Theme Ideas

Las Vegas Wedding Theme IdeasFor couples getting married in Las Vegas, what a better way to exemplify your Sin City wedding ceremony than with Las Vegas wedding theme ideas like invitations? Not only wedding invitations, but all stationery. Because Las Vegas is an entertainment mecca of the world and considered an adult fantasy land, everyone wishes to have a Las Vegas themed wedding. This can be accomplished through decor choices with the Las Vegas theme.

Wedding themes are first expressed in save-the-date cards and then in wedding invitations. Guest will know what to expect with a Las Vegas themed wedding invitation. Will the bride and groom be married or witnessed by Elvis? Party favors could include pairs of dice and poker chips. Music entertainment could include songs from Elvis, Wayne Newton and the Rat Pack. The food would be the classic $1.99 Vegas buffet. Showgirls greeting guests into the reception venue.

las vegas theme wedding table number cardsA decor choice would be table numbers. Table numbers help guests find which selected table to sit at designated by the bride and groom. If only table numbers are used, guests at the table can still decide who to sit next to at the table.

Once the wedding is complete, brides can showcase their Las Vegas theme with specialty thank you cards. Thank you cards should be sent as soon as gifts start arriving. This will help with the burden of writing so many thank you cards and also remember the little details of each gift. All thank you cards should be sent no later than six weeks after the wedding thank you cards

Las Vegas themed weddings can also be emphasized with hand written letters in Las Vegas stationery. The stationery can be used to write personal notes to the bride and groom during the wedding reception. It can also be used to write letters to family and friends celebrating anniversaries.
las vegas theme wedding stationery