15 New 2014 Wedding Songs To Play

15 New 2014 Wedding Songs To Play

15 New 2014 Wedding Songs To Play2014 is like no other year when new songs are released and loved by bridal couples to play at their weddings.  Some songs are carry overs from the end of the year before as they do not become mainstream popular for a few months later.  Many brides want are hip to the new released in their particular music styles and want them played at their wedding.  Keep in mind to play songs that mean lots to you but also known to the crowd.

All of Me – John Legend
Released August 2013.  Best first dance song.

Safe And Sound – Capital Cities
Released May 2014. Hot recessional song.

XO – Beyonce
Released December 2013. Great group dance song.

Best Day of My Life – American Authors
Released February 2014. Hot recessional song.

Happy – Pharrell Williams
Released February 2014. The Best 2014 wedding songs at any point and will fill dance floors too!

Who You Love – John Mayer featuring Katy Perry
Released August 2013. Great love song. You chose.

I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice
Released February 2014. Hot country first dance song.

I Choose You – Sara Bareilles
Released July 2013. Best processional song.

Boom Clap – Charli XCX
Released April 2014. From the movie The Fault In Our Stars, and great bridal party song.

Am I Wrong – Nico & Vinz
Released February 2014. Great uptempo first dance song.

Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake
Released April 2014. Hot song to fill dance floors.

Let Me Go – Avril Lavigne featuring Chad Kroeger
Released November 2013. Offbeat first dance song.

Story of My Life – One Direction
Released October 2013. Great grand entrance song.

Rewind – Rascal Flatts
Released January 2014. Best last dance song.

Adore You – Miley Cyrus
Released October 2013. Hot first dance song.

2014 isn’t over yet.  If you think we should add a song to the list, be sure to comment it in below.  Hope you enjoyed our list of 15 new wedding songs for 2014.

las vegas photography blogs

Top 10 Las Vegas Wedding Photography Blogs

wedding in fabulous las vegas mural

When you think of Las Vegas, we are sure that you think about how Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world.  More couples come to Vegas to get married than anywhere else like Disneyland and Jamaica.  Being the wedding mecca that Vegas is, many websites claim to offer the best knowledge about getting married in Sin City.  As a result, we thought we would put a list of our favorite blogs about the Las Vegas wedding scene.

This is not an ordinary list of wedding planning websites, like our own, WeddingMuseum.com, that talk about the Vegas wedding scene.  Rather, we wanted to put a list of wedding photographers that focus on the city of Las Vegas.  This way, visitors to their sites can not only see the photographer’s talent, but also the beauty of getting married in the “big city”.

So here we go, in no particular order, a list of our favorite Las Vegas Wedding Photography Blogs created by Las Vegas photographers.

What did it take to be on our list of our favorite Las Vegas Wedding Blog?

  • We only listed Las Vegas based photographers because they know how to bring the Vegas beauty into the art of photography.
  • The blogs must have a post within the past sixty days.
  • There must be an influx of Vegas area wedding themed photos filling their blog posts.
  • Modern website design that keeps visitors’ usability in mind.

No, we were not paid to list any of the sites and we do not have any connection to any site.  We just want to share with our visitors great Las Vegas blogs to get ideas on Vegas area photos and wedding photo ideas.

Do you think we should add a Las Vegas wedding photographer’s blog to our list?  Please comment below and let us know why the blog should be included in our list.  We will take all requests and respond to all comments.  We will also REVISE the list as new suggestions are made.

yummy wedding food stations

Yummy Wedding Food Stations and Food by the Season

Wedding guests will only remember a few parts of your wedding years down the road.  For that matter, so will YOU!  People will be brought back to your wedding day particularly by there senses: what they see, what they hear, what they taste, what they touch and what they smell.  One of the five senses is what they taste.  This is why one of the more critical aspect of your wedding is the food.

yummy wedding food stations

Food takes on an integral role of any wedding.  Was the food hot or cold as it was made to the prime temperature?  How long did guests have to wait for the main course?  Were there plenty of appetizers during happy hour (not made for a meal but to battle their hunger).  Was there enough beverages for all ages and types of drinkers at the event?

All the above is very important.  However, it may be difficult to think of a food menu depending on the part of the country and the time of year of your wedding day.  We always recommend staying with food of the area.  This supports local businesses.  In addition, those guests traveling from afar to attend your wedding, will highly appreciate the local flavors.

So what are some wedding food suggestions for every time of year?

Ideas that do not require a time of year

  • Pairing courses with specified wine and/or beer to match

Food Station Ideas

Think of food stations that fit into your area.

  • Maine – Lobster station
  • Montana – Pasty station
  • Wisconsin – Brat Station
  • Pennsylvania – Cheesesteak station
  • Georgia – Chicken and Waffles station.
  • Texas – BBQ – Ribs, Chicken, etc. station
  • California – Avacado with anything
  • Idaho – Baked or Mashed potato station
  • Alaska – King crab legs station
  • Washington – Salmon station

Think of of an out-of-the-box thinking food station.

  • Donut station with topping choices
  • Ice cream station with topping choices
  • Hot chocolate station with toppings and flavors selections
  • Mashed sweet, baby red or yukon gold potato station with topping choices
  • Lots of Popcorn choices
  • Hearty appetizers like sliders or tacos
  • Pasta bar with different noodles and different sauces and accompaniments.


  • Butternut, Acorn, Banana or Spaghetti Squash
  • Ravioli
  • Sliced apple with carmel dip or carmel apples decorated with different toppings (chocolate chips, coconut, nuts, etc)
  • Turkey
  • Pumpkin and sweet potato pie
  • Stuffing
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Lasagna
  • Stuffed shells
  • Most Italian dishes
  • Amber beers including Octoberfest


  • Baked Potato Bar
  • Hot chocolate station w/flavors and candy cane stir sticks
  • Soup shots
  • Chili station
  • Prime rib carving station
  • Pot pies
  • Shepherd Pie
  • Stew
  • Red wines including Merlot
  • Stout beers
  • Cherries Jubilee
  • Banana Foster
  • Bread Pudding
  • Fruit cobbler


  • Spinach, pear and walnut salad
  • Lamb chops w/mint jelly
  • Asparagus,
  • Spring peas and carrots
  • Edamame,
  • Spring rolls
  • Avocado/Guacamole
  • Mango
  • Rhubarb
  • Light pasta salads with balsamic vinaigrette dressing
  • Artichokes
  • Mojitos
  • Hefeweizen and fruity beers
  • Citrus pies such as Lemon Meringue or Key Lime
  • Lemon Bars
  • Cherry tart (or any other fruit you like)
  • Ham
  • Angel food cake

wedding food by season


  • Fresh fruit salad with bananas, strawberries and blueberries
  • Strawberries with cream cheese filling
  • Chicken lettuce wraps
  • S’Mores station
  • BBQ chicken, ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs
  • Potato salad
  • Macaroni salad
  • Corn bread
  • Ice cream
  • Corn on the cob
  • Mojitos
  • Martini’s
  • Pilsner and other light beers
  • Arnold Palmer’s
  • White wine including Zinfandels and Chardonnay

51 Gift Basket Ideas of Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

51 Gift Basket Ideas for Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

51 Gift Basket Ideas of Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

Many wedding guests travel near and far to see you get married. Guests could be Aunts and Uncles who live in a far away state to old college friends that moved offshore. No matter, they are coming to see the bride and groom and share their special day.

One of the memorable gifts for arriving guests are their gift baskets placed in their hotel rooms. Most do not know the area and have their own expectations of the wedding events.

Here are 51 Gift basket ideas to make guests comfortable and excited to be attending your wedding!

Food Items

  1. Cheese knife with cheese
  2. Bottles of wine or champagne
  3. Mini summer sausages
  4. Regional fudge or saltwater taffy
  5. Food seasonings and herbs
  6. Hot chocolate mixes with coffee cups
  7. Locally brewed bottles of beer
  8. S’mores kits containing graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey’s chocolate candy bars.
  9. Area farmer’s market products such as jams, honey and other contained food items.
  10. Snacks on the go such as Triscuits, Vanilla Wafers, veggie packets, nuts, etc.
  11. Area cooking adders such as BBQ sauce, meat rub, and seasonings.
  12. Packaged specialty cookies
  13. Packaged popcorn
  14. Bottle of water for each DAY’s stay.

Travel Items

  1. Lip balm
  2. Toiletries care package: Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, Q-tips, deodorant, shampoo, etc.
  3. Playing cards
  4. Mosquito spray such as Off.
  5. Small games such as Cribbage, Uno, checkers, etc.
  6. Beer bottle openers
  7. Pamper with soap, bath gels, bath salts, and body lotion.
  8. Put everything inside a pool tote
  9. Suntan lotion
  10. Padded hangers for dress clothes
  11. Throw blanket
  12. Neck pillow
  13. Luggage tags
  14. Beach towel
  15. Nightlight
  16. Mini sewing kit
  17. Aches and pains over-the-counter medication like Ibuprofen and Tylenol.

Wedding Day Items

  1. A map of the local area with points of interest
  2. Wedding day itinerary
  3. Wedding weekend’s planned events

Clothing Items

  1. Gender-proof mittens
  2. Beanie hat or headband or earmuffs
  3. Novelty socks or fashion socks
  4. Scarf

Novelty Items

  1. Bottle stoppers
  2. Coasters
  3. Drink Cozies
  4. Scented candles
  5. Souvenir from the local gift shot that reflects the area
  6. Postcards with pictures of the area
  7. Short novel or magazine

Personal Items

  1. Corsages
  2. Homemade cookbook with family recipes
  3. Personalized Do not Disturb door hangers
  4. Framed family photos
  5. Return address labels
  6. Write a personal note thanking them for attending your wedding

Last but not least, plan to go to the hotel or place where all of your out-of-town guests will be staying and arrange the baskets to be delivered upon arrival.  Be sure to have their names on the baskets and room number if known.

How to Plan a Wedding Weekend, Not Just a Wedding

When planning a wedding, so much more goes into the planning process than just the wedding ceremony and reception.  All of the wedding festivities focus on exchanging vows and saying your I Do’s through the last song at the wedding reception.  However, so much more must be considered during the planning process.  Whether your wedding is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, other events must be thought out and to plan a wedding weekend.

What are some of the other events that must be considered besides the ceremony and reception?

  • Rehearsal dinner for immediate family and special out-of-town guests.
  • Pre-wedding events such as a girls’ day-out at the spa or a boys’ day out on the golf course.
  • Depending on the time of the wedding, do you want to have a planned brunch or late-night snack?
  • The morning after the wedding, do you want to have a brunch before departing for your honeymoon?
  • Do you want to have sightseeing trips for out-of-town guests to see the area?

wedding weekend

Not all wedding weekends have to be pricey.  Plan the extra meal festivities at a family member’s house with homemade finger foods.  Every meal does not have to be buffet style or three course meals.  The focus of the weekend does not have to center around entertaining the family either.  Most will be happy just spending time with family and getting pictures together and making new memories.  Be sure to carry on family traditions over the weekend to make it more special for everyone involved in the weekend events.

Because your wedding is planned as a weekend versus a ceremony and reception lasting five hours, guests need more time to prepare.  Guests will need to get additional time off and schedule household trips.  Inconsideration of the wedding weekend, the wedding schedule must be pushed out.

  • Instead of save-the-dates being mailed six months before the wedding, weekend wedding save-the-dates must be mailed eight to twelve months before the wedding date.  All details can be confirmed and posted on your wedding websites for attending guests as the date approaches.
  • Not only do the bride and groom have a budget, so do your guests.  The bridal couple must make it clear as to what is being paid for by them and what guests are expected to pay for.
  • Because an entire weekend of events are planned, be sure dress codes are stated and known for each event.
  •  Most events will have to be paid in advance.  Itineraries must be mailed out two to four weeks before the wedding to give appropriate attendances and planned transportation.
  • Lastly, a special touch for guests, is to have a welcome basket in their rooms.  Most local guests will know the planned events as they most likely were part of the planning process.  Including the itinerary in guests’ baskets will make them feel more welcome.
Helpful Hints to Selecting Your Wedding Colors

Helpful Hints to Selecting Your Wedding Colors

The wedding date is set.  You made deposits and have in contract your most important vendors like locations, photographers, entertainment and the like.  What is the next most important task that will emphasize the mood and style of the wedding?  Selecting your wedding colors of course.

What choices are affected by the colors of the wedding?

  • Flowers must match  the wedding colors
  • Bridal party attire – bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen tuxedos
  • The wedding cake cannot clash on colors
  • Wedding ceremony and reception decorations
  • Much more…

What does your color speak?  Yellow invokes happiness and excitement.  Red oozes romance and excitement.  Blue shows calmness and peacefulness.  Different colors  create different experiences.  What does your wedding colors say about you and your event?  Maybe you want to be less adventurous and safe by staying with shades of white and pink?  The wedding colors selected tells everyone about your personality.  If you want to choose a safer color, we would recommend selecting a bolder accent color to liven things up!

Helpful Hints to Selecting Your Wedding Colors

Not sure what color you want?  We recommend going to your local home improvement store and review all the paint sample cards.  Take some home and tape them onto the wall.  Is it what you expected in daylight and also at night?  What hew would you select?  Still unsure, purchase some paint samples and paint a white board at home.

Don’t Be Predictable

It is best not to select colors of the seasons that match the seasons.  December – Don’t select red and white.  October – Don’t  select brown and Orange.  March – Don’t select white and green.  You get our point.  You want the event to remembered for the event itself, not the holiday.  In spring, select a deep color other than a pastel.  In winter, if you have white as a main color, be sure to select a rich accent color that are metallics like copper or bronze.

What Specific Hue Fits Your Style

coral pink

One of the most popular wedding colors is pink.  When first thinking of the word pink, do you think of hot pink or a soft pink? Let us help in the decision making of hues of any color with our example of pink.  One of the more popular hues of pink right now is CORAL.  What is shade is coral?  It is amazing that one color can bring in glimmers of red, orange and pink.  Coral eludes happy, excitement, romantic and whimsical.  What colors are favorable accents to coral?  Think minty greens and 24k gold.  Matching flowers include stargazer lilies, pink roses and white coronations.

turquoise hue

Another popular wedding color is blue.  No, we are not talking navy blue or sky blue.  Blue can make the perfect accent color to many mainstay wedding colors like black and white.  We suggest to pick a blue that can be worn as bridesmaids dresses (that they can wear after the wedding), and splashes in the invitations, decorations and wedding cake.  We like hues of turquoise to be exact.

tips for planning a wedding in short time

Tips for Planning a Wedding in Short Time

He popped the question!  Congratulations.  Uh oh, you now have to plan a wedding in less than one year.  Yes, a wedding planned in less than a year is considered short time.  Lots of details to complete just to pull off the perfect day.  Why would a wedding happen so quickly?  Past quick wedding planning have resulted from pregnancy, job or career change in location, someone in the family is not healthy, and planning the perfect time when the most amount of family and friends would be able to attend.

tips for planning a wedding in short time

The first thing brides-to-be need to do is take a deep breath and take notes.  RELAX.  The big day will come and go.  The most important aspect of the wedding is that the bride and groom celebrate their love for each other and get married.  Just live with the fact that something will go wrong.  It is up to you how you handle it.

Second, consider hiring a wedding planner.  They are wedding professionals and have other professionals in their little black book that can put together a wedding rapidly.   Event planners can handle the logistics of the wedding day.

Third, do the most amount of work possible in the first month.  Create all your to-do lists, complete as many DIY projects as possible.  The first month is when you will have the most amount of energy without burnout.  Make your budget and plan and conduct the biggest purchases.  Book as many wedding locations and vendors as quick as possible to reserve your wedding date.  Prioritize duties between the bride and groom to keep each other on track at all times.

Now that you have your to-do lists prioritized, engage the help of family and friends to help where possible.  They will appreciate being part of the planning process and you could use the help!  Specify duties according to their roles in the wedding.  An example would be to have one set of parents handle RSVPs and the other sending out save-the-date announcements.

Fourth, you must be open-minded while planning your wedding.  Consider options that may not be your first choice or maybe your first choice is not available because of such short notice.  Maybe your flowers are out of season, maybe your wedding location is booked, and maybe your best friend DJ wants to party and not work.  However, better options may be at-hand!  The local vineyard may be available for the wedding, the florist has a better option for flowers and a local band is available.  Also consider out of the norm savings like having the wedding on a Sunday.

Lastly, look at the benefits of planning a wedding in a short amount of time.

  • Less time to change your mind!
  • Unlikely to get burned out as you remain focused.
  • Enjoy the fun tasting aspects of wedding planning like cake tasting, menu tasting, and specialty drink tasting!
  • Typically same costs as those brides planning 1.5-2 years in advance.
  • Go with your first choice as it tends to be the best.  You will not regret it
weird wedding traditions

Weird Wedding Traditions

weird wedding traditionsOur New York wedding photographers work endlessly to capture wedding photos and videos of our clients’ wonderful weddings. During these amazing NY wedding ceremonies and receptions, our Le Image Inc wedding team has noticed some very unique wedding traditions! Some wedding traditions are on their way out with wedding planners but they are still fun to read out. Read our list below of the weirdest wedding traditions and their history!

  1. The Sweetheart Table- This 80s wedding trend truly personifies the bridezilla mantra of being “queen for a day”. This wacky wedding reception traditional has the bride and groom sit at their own private table, requiring the wedding guests to come pay homage to the bride and groom individually. Another downside of this 80s trend, it makes it impossible for the bride and groom to eat!
  2. Money Dances- This unique Italian wedding tradition has not translated well to modern times. With this wedding tradition, the bride wears a silk purse or apron during the wedding reception and men either pin money on to it or slip cash into her apron when they dance with her. This old wedding tradition doesn’t exactly exude elegance and class these days.
  3. Finding a Spider on your Wedding Dress- Finding an insect on your wedding dress might seem like a wedding-day nightmare, but English lore claims that finding a spider in your wedding gown is a good omen.
  4. Hoping for Rain on your Wedding Day- In some cultures, rain on your wedding day symbolizes fertility and cleansing.  So, bring on the rain (and the umbrellas)!
  5. Wearing a Wedding Veil- This ancient wedding tradition comes from Rome where it was believed that a bride should wear a veil down the aisle to disguise herself from evil spirits who were jealous of her happiness.

We hope you enjoyed this list of kooky wedding traditions and their origins. Congratulations to all the couples out their planning their wedding!

About the author:

Rachel is a New York City based writer who first became interested in all things wedding after working for photography studio, Le Image Inc. Her articles have been published on several wedding and fashion websites including, BrideTide, Cityblis & Wedding Wire.  Article was submitted by Rachel and for reference to the original copy of the article: http://www.leimageinc.com/blog/weddings-blog/weird-wedding-traditions/.
bridal styles wedding invitations

How to Bring 5 Bridal Styles into Wedding Invitations

Save-the-Date cards typically express the personality of the bride and groom. They can be fun, whimsical and unique. However, when it comes to the wedding invitations, the invitation will be the first taste for guests to get an idea of the wedding theme and style. Will the wedding be rustic, modern, classy or casual? Wedding invitations should express the overall theme of the upcoming event.

The Formal Bride

A formal event is capped with an elegant gown and black & white tuxedos.  If you want to express the same feel into the wedding invitation, don’t hold back and spend freely.

Invitation features:

  • Die Cutting
  • Super thick cotton paper
  • Calligraphy  (hire a calligrapher or purchase a calligraphic font)
  • Engraving or metallic foil stamping

bridal styles wedding invitations

The Rustic Bride

Give guests the impression in the desired degree of country and western style of wedding.

Invitation features:

  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • Artwork
  • Consider a mixed font style like an old west poster

The Outdoorsy Bride

A wedding that encompasses the outdoors, like at a mouton lake, should also be ported in the wedding invitations.

Invitation features:

  • Think letterpress (inked raised surface)
  • Faux bois paper (adds texture to the invitation)
  • Bring the outdoors inside the invitation like a feather, pressed dried flower, and recycled paper.

The Offbeat Bride

Many brides fight status quo and take the road less traveled when planning their weddings.  If this is yo, we have a few suggestions.

Invitation features:

  • Use unusual envelopes.  Envelopes can vary in shape and color.  (We used painted tubes).
  • Use envelope wrappers such as twine, cord or specialty ribbon.
  • Consider modern hand-lettering
  • Create a custom stamp for the backside
  • High-tech RSVP through specifically event created email, text, wedding website or social site.

Wedding Invitation Trends

  • A romantic feel with floral
  • Hand-writtern fonts
  • Vintage inspired themes
  • Personal graphics that include the bridal couple’s caricatures.
  • Line art illustrations
Love Mirage

Not A Cookie Cutter Reception – Vintage to Chic

Planning a wedding reception is a daunting task.  The last thing today’s brides want is a cookie cutter wedding – meaning being like everyone else’s wedding.  We all know the type through the years with the following:

  • Purple and teal wedding colors
  • Bird seed as the bride and groom adventure out of the reception hall.
  • Hershey kisses wedding favors.
  • Popular wedding songs for EVERY formal dance
  • And the list goes on…

What can you do to make a personalized and unique wedding reception?  Vintage doesn’t just mean old.  Vintage can be elegant,  rustic, romantic, country and chic.  Here are  tips to truly make a wedding reception YOURS.

Love Mirage

First, go antique product shopping.  Yes, the items have been used in the past.  However, it is a great way to bring the past into the future.  What can you get while looking at vintage products?  Keep in mind that a splash of vintage adds a touch of class to any event – if this is the desired wedding theme.

  • A Bar – What can you turn into a bin to hold all the cold beverages?  What table or high furniture can be turned into that one-of-a-kind bar?
  • Mismatched china that can be used from the happy hour through dessert.
  • Vintage chairs that can be used for future parties.  If you want to make a statement, what about throne chairs for the King and Queen (Groom and Bride)?
  • A minimalist stele can be achieved with a couple flowers in vintage bottles as centerpieces.
  • If you want a fun environment for guests in an outdoor wedding, incorporate vintage games such as croquet and slinky toys.
  • Be sure to have present any family items that you love from family members.  What about Autie Norma’s crystal bowl or Uncle Joe’s beer glasses?  You could also consider vintage picture frames with other family members’ wedding pictures.

A final tip is to check your local party rental stores for their offerings.  The rental stores may have your style in stock for rent so you won’t have to complete a big list for your wedding day.

Wedding Day Checklist – Forget Me Nots

When the wedding day finally comes, most brides and grooms are trying to think of all of the last minute details.  However, the bridal couple should be thinking about the most important event of the day – getting married and exchanging vows.  We’ll help memory loss by proving a wedding day checklist.

wedding day checklist

Rings – Who is keeping the groom’s  and bride’s rings for the wedding ceremony?  Be sure the rings are handy at the ceremony.

Marriage License – The bride, groom and witnesses must sign the paperwork.  Be sure the paperwork is at the wedding ceremony.

Bride’s dress and all accessories must be in the dressing room for wedding preparations.

Bride’s emergency kit present at there dressing room and handy throughout the day.

Groom’s attire with all accessories including shoes, cufflinks, hair gel and dress socks.

Favors, guest book and pen(s) must be placed on the entrance table before guest start to arrive.

Unity candle and holder for the wedding ceremony.

Cake knife, serving knife and toasting flutes should be placed on the cake table before guest arrive at the reception facility.

Wedding programs for when guest arrive at the wedding ceremony.

Ring bearer pillow to hold the wedding rings.

Gift table attendant to be security for all the wedding gifts at the gift table.

Have all wedding day payments ready in envelopes for final payments required from vendors.  Be sure to also prepare any pre-estimated tips.

Personal wedding party flowers including boutonnieres and corsages.

Be sure to have matches or a lighter available for lighting of candles at both the ceremony and reception in any emergency kit.

Transportation of guests to and from the wedding day facilities.

Do you want to keep the top layer of the wedding cake for your first anniversary?  If yes, assign someone to the task!

Clean up?  Is it part of the rental hall fee or do you need to designate helpers?

Collection of all rental items and their return including all attire and tables/chairs.

Finally, it would be best if vendors are verified by the wedding planner or a responsible person from the wedding party.  Vendors must be confirmed as early as possible that they will meet their obligations on the wedding day.

Vendors include:

  • Photographer
  • Hair/Make-up
  • Flowers
  • Cake
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Videographer
  • Catering
  • Facilities Contact(s)
  • Officiant

7 BIG Decisions Before Getting Married

There is an old saying, “Better Late than Never”. However, this is not the case when making decisions that will affect the happiness as a married couple. Here is a list we created for 7 big decisions before getting married.

7 decisions before getting married

  1. Checking account.  Will you have separate checking accounts to pay bills or one account and both has money deposited into the account to join as one.  Whose account will you use and has better offerings?  Will you also have separate or joint checking accounts?
  2. Bride’s Name Change.  Does the bride take the last name of the groom?  Does she have a professional career that would be hurt by the name change and make a better decision to stay with her maiden name?  Does the bride prefer a hyphenated name – the bride’s maiden name is followed by a hyphen and then the groom’s last name.
  3. Paying Bills.  One pays abc bills and the other pays xyz bills?  Do you combine your money into one checking account and pay all bills from the one account where all the income is deposited?  Do you pay bills based upon how much each brings home on their paychecks?
  4. Insurance.  You will save more money by combining accounts.  Insurance for life, car, mortgage and health insurance.  Review who the beneficiaries are on each account.
  5. Kids. This should be number one on the list.  Do you want kids right away or enjoy your new life together as a couple and then kids.  This should be decided even before the engagement.
  6. Home Ownership.  There is no sense in paying for two rental properties or two mortgages.  Whose home will you live.  Maybe you want to move into a new place?  Rent a home or apartment?  Buy a home, townhouse, etc.  What part of town works best for each traveling to work.  What school district will your kids be zoned?
  7. Religion.  Are either of the bride are groom practicing their faith?  Which church will each attend and which will the kids attend?