after becoming engaged

First Things To Do After Becoming Engaged

After the big question is popped and you say “Yes” and the initial shock has worn down, you will want to personally notify your family or friends. This notification can be accomplished through meeting them in person, via phone call, or social media such as Facebook or Twitter.


Oscar Movie Songs Past 20 Year Winners

In celebration of the Academy Awards, we will provide you with a list of past winners for the Best Original Song in a Movie. For official information on the Academy awards, please visit their website Here is a list of the Oscar movie songs for the past 20 years! Please note that the said…


No Excuses For Daddy’s Not So Little Girl

A wedding day is all about the bride and groom. No, scratch that. It’s all about the bride, not the bass. Yes, that’s the way it should be. A bride thinks about her wedding day her whole life. Stereotypically as she grows up, the bride looks for a man to fill the role that her…

wedding reception songs

Wedding Reception Songs – What You Need To Know

Music played during the wedding reception starts as soon as the first guest arrives and does not stop until the last guest leaves – technically. If you were to hire a DJ to play wedding reception songs, the music should never stop as all music is pre-recorded. However, if you hire a band to perform…


10 Facts About Booking Wedding Venues [Infographic]

He popped the question and put a ring on it. You selected the perfect date to get married. Now it’s time to pick your wedding venue locations. However, before signing on the dotted line, please consider our 10 facts about booking wedding venues.


2014 Celebrity Weddings Most Talked About

Here is a list of the most talked about 2014 Celebrity Weddings. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding Wedding Date: May 24, 2014 Kim is a TV actress from the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She is also a model and social media personality. Kanye West is a Hip Hop star with hits like…