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Groomsmen-Organized-ChecklistDespite some possible financial constraint, the role of groomsman is a worthy honor given out to only a few individuals at most weddings. Groomsmen come from all walks of life and reflect the many stages of the groom’s life: childhood, college, and more.

The role of groomsman is much more involved than simply renting a tux and making a toast at the rehearsal dinner. You’ll be much like the groom’s fixer and troubleshooter from the night of the bachelor party to the wedding reception. You’ll get a cool gift as an honorarium, too.

Here’s a timeline to get you prepared for all your groomsman duties:

Six months before the wedding

  • Start browsing tuxedos catalogs and retailers, keeping the groom’s specifications in mind.
  • Begin an exercise routine if necessary, to get yourself in shape for the tuxedo.

Five months before

  • Have a tailor measure you for the tuxedo. Make final reservations to keep the tux for the whole of the wedding festivities.
  • Begin browsing hotel and airfare bargains if you’re traveling out of town.

Four months before

  • Finalize travel plans.
  • Request time off work, if necessary.  The ideal trip is four days one day to fly in, two days for rehearsal and ceremony & reception, and then to fly out on the fourth day.

Three months before

  • Make arrangements for care of pets, housestitters, et cetera for the time you’ll be away.
  • Begin browsing for a wedding gift.

Two months before

  • Purchase the wedding gift. If you’re traveling via air, don’t select a gift with heavy metal or lead crystal content. You’ll likely get jammed up at the security checkpoints.

One month before

  • Double check travel arrangements.
  • Enjoy the bachelor party.
  • Draft the toast you’ll give during the rehearsal party.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from your hometown airport; finalize transportation details in the destination city.

The week before the ceremony

  • Pack everything you’ll need for the trip (Don’t forget to bring a suit for the rehearsal dinner.)
  • Call the groom and check for any last-minute details.

Day of arrival

  • Check into hotel and join in on the wedding festivities.
  • Coordinate details and tasks with the best man and/or wedding planner.

Upon returning home

  • Return tuxedo to rental store.
  • Send thank you note for the groomsman gift.

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