Get the Right Wedding Flowers For Your Wedding

Matthew Campbell

Wedding flowers play an imperative part in wedding decorations and create a beautiful and fragrant environment at the time of wedding. Generally, flowers for decoration are picked to matching the flowers of bouquet that the bride carries while walking the aisle. However, one can select  flowers suiting the theme of the wedding or according to one’s personal taste. There is no hard and fast rule of picking flowers, but still one should consider the theme or bride’s bouquet to create symmetry and attractive look of the venue.

Right Wedding Flowers

Right Wedding Flowers

While choosing the flowers, keep your personal choices in your mind. If you do not have much information about flowers and decorations then talk to your florist. He may be able to lend you some good ideas about how to combine flowers  in order to make a perfect bunch of flowers for every corner. Ask your florist to show you some samples or pictures so you can see a practical example what he wants to explain. This is how you will get the idea about what kind of flower will be apt for your wedding as per your decoration and budget.

It would be good to talk to florist in advance before you stick to a specific kind of flower for your wedding. Flowers are seasonal and if you are demanding flowers that are not readily available in the season you may still be able to get those flowers but it going to cot you more. If you really need a particular flower which is hard to find,  consult your florist to suggest an alternative  flower in order to create the same style and feel that you wanted for your wedding. However, there are some popular flowers such as roses, lilies, and orchids, that can be found all-year round. One way to compromise for both style and cost is to  select at least two types of seasonal flowers and add in your special order flowers to save on costs.

If you are going for a theme wedding then half of your toil of searching for flowers is reduced. Nowadays, many couples are opting for theme weddings and decorate the venue with the flowers that complement that theme.  For instance, if the beach wedding is your theme, then go for the flowers like orchids, bird of paradise, roses, blue muscari, lavender rose, blue hydrangea, and palm branches. These flowers are ideal due to their capability of staying fresh for longer periods of time in hot and tropical environments.

You can also select flowers and ribbons matching to the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses. This will create a symmetrical and appealing look of the venue. However, at times the venue is decorated according to bride’s bouquet. One can also keep bridesmaids bouquets of the same flowers as the bride’s. Do not get carried away with the flower decorations as other things are also important in the wedding. Before settling for a particular type of flower, look at your budget. It will be extremely helpful for you and your florist if you plan the decorations according to the budget. This helps you both in selecting the suitable decoration to get the best value for your money.

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