Food Wedding Gifting: Good Food Equals Great Gifts

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Food has a unique way of connecting people. It brings together families and friends, joins people in reminiscing or in experimenting, and is the center of celebrations, memories and friendships. With this year’s wedding season approaching, more nuptial presents will include desserts, entrees and specialty foods than ever before.

Food Wedding Gifting

Food Wedding Gifting: Good Food Equals Great Gifts

Food gifting, for both weddings and in general, is one of the few areas that has increased despite the down economy over the last few years. Edible gift sales rose nearly 10 percent in the United States from 2007 to 2009, according to the report “Food Gifting in the United States, Second Edition,” and experts say those numbers continue to grow.

This rise is marked by both an increased demand for specialty foods, like truffles, gourmet marshmallows or artisan granola, as well as the rise in smaller food companies adding ecommerce capabilities to their websites. With these boutique delicacies on the web, gift shoppers not only have convenient access to foods from across the country, they can also easily send these tasty treats directly to the recipient’s door.

More than anything, food offers a unique way to personalize gifts – after all, it’s easy to warm the heart when you fill the stomach!

When shopping for a bride and groom, food is a perfect addition to an item off their registry. Buying an oversized pot? Complete a date-night package with fresh lobsters straight from Maine. Getting the dessert trays she asked for? Add a selection of oatmeal cookies and sweet candies. Can’t make it to the shower? Send a bouquet of cake pops for the bride and guests to enjoy.

The bride herself has a number of gifts to buy as the big day approaches. With online food vendors she can now find gifts for the wedding party, typically made up of people from all different stages of the couple’s life, with a personalized touch.  You can buy ice cream for your sister from your favorite shop in the town you grew up in. For your college roommate, the soup you had on your spring break ski trip.  And for the parents of the couple, share your wedded bliss with a romantic evening of their own complete with steaks, all the fixings and a bottle of wine.

As wedding season approaches once again, be prepared with a food gift whether you’re at the altar or catching the bouquet.

About the author: Lynn Steinberg started Goodies For Gifts as a food review blog. As it built in popularity and realizing people were increasingly looking for food to give as presents, she expanded it into an online resource. Today, Goodies For Gifts is the first and only website providing consumers a free resource to find, buy and share unique, edible “goodies” to give as gifts. Visit it now at

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