DIY Wedding Centerpieces – Olive Oil Decanters

Matthew Campbell

Looking for a DIY project to add color and sophistication to your wedding decorations?   How about flavor infused oil or vinegar decanters that can act as centerpieces?  This project is very simple, but can add beauty and grace to any table-scape.  Here is all you need for a fantastic centerpiece that is not only beautiful but also useful.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

1. Sealable bottles or decanters

These can be of any design but you must be able to seal them, either with a cork, screw top, or any other type of cap that fits securely.  Decanters can be of any size or shape you choose.

2. Oil or vinegar

You can choose from many types of oils including vegetable, canola, or olive but keep in mind the color of the oil.  The darker color of the oil – the less you will be able to see through it.  You also have many options for vinegars.  We recommend buying these products in bulk at your local warehouse food store.  However, you can also support your local olive oil business if one exists.

3. Flavors

Flavors can include many things such as herbs, garlic, peppers, etc.  Fresh ingredients are always best.

4. Optional decorations

These can include wax for the top of the bottle, ribbons to decorate the outside, custom labels to place on the outside of the decanter with your wedding date and information on it, etc.

The first thing you need to do is choose which flavor you would like to infuse with which product.  For instance, extra virgin olive oil with garlic.  Next choose which bottle you want to use.  Take your flavor and place it in the bottle.  Keep in mind that the more flavor you put in the bottle the more intense your flavor will be in the product (oil or vinegar).  If using garlic, be sure you peal the garlic first.  You do not have to crush or slice the garlic cloves before putting them into the bottle.  Presentation is actually better if you leave the garlic whole.

Next you need to fill the bottle with the oil.  Use a funnel to help with this step so you do not have oil all over the counter or table.  Fill the bottle as close to the top as possible without overfilling the bottle.

Anything after this point is purely decorative.  You can melt wax (found at your local craft store) and dip the top of the bottle into the melted wax.  Be very careful not to burn yourself.  Only dip about the first 1 -2 inches of the bottle.  Let the wax dry.  You can also decorate the outside of the bottle if you choose.  Just remember to keep most of the bottle clear so you can see the contents.

You can choose to put in more than one flavor if you would like.  For instance olive oil, garlic and rosemary make a great combination.  You can also try combining the oil and the vinegar.  They have a different density so they will normally separate in the bottle.  How about ¾ bottle with thyme flavored extra virgin olive oil topped with balsamic vinegar?

Let your imagination take over.  Think about combinations you use in the kitchen and let that be your guide.  The combinations are endless.

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