DIY Country-Style Table Decorations

Matthew Campbell

DIY Country-Style Table DecorationsHaving a country wedding?  Looking for some table decorations to save some money?  Why not try one of these ideas.

Herb Pots – Go to your neighborhood home and garden center and pick up the following items:  Flower pots of varying sizes, potting soil and either small, already started plants or seeds of different herbs, like basil, oregano, chives, thyme, etc.  You have a couple choices when it comes to the flowerpots.  You can either paint them to match your wedding colors, or leave them natural looking to enhance the country theme.  You can also decorate the pots with different items, like gingham ribbon, or raffia.

Next, take the pots and partially fill them with potting soil.  Release the starter plants, or take the seeds, and place them into the pots.  Continue to fill the pots with remaining soil until about a half inch from the top edge of the pot. Make sure you give each plant some water.  If you are using seeds instead of starter plants, you need to start this project about 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding.  This way the plants will be large enough to decorate your tables with.  You can also use this same idea with dried flowers if you would like.  Instead of potting soil, use flower foam and cover with moss, but by using real herbs you have the added bonus of the fragrance.  Encourage your guests to take the plants home with them at the end of the reception.

DIY Country-Style Table Decorations

Country-Style Table DecorationsAnother idea with a country theme is either burlap or linen gift bags.  You can fill them with goodies.  You have the option to purchase pre-made bags or sew your own.  Check you local craft store, or the Internet, for pre-made bags.  If you choose to sew your own, you will need some linen or burlap material, thread and a sewing machine.  Decide the size you would like your give bags to be.  The easiest way to sew the bag is to cut a strip of material twice the length, plus a ½ inch; you would like the finished product to be at the width plus ½ inch.  For example, if you would like your final gift bag to be 3 x 5 inches, then you need to cut your fabric 3 ½ inches x 10 ½ inches.

First, fold the short ends of your material over ¼ inch and sew a straight line to hold the seam in place.  Next, fold your fabric in half  (long ways) with the right side of the fabric on the inside.  Sew a straight-line ¼ inch from the edge to close the sides.  Do this on both edges.  Turn the bag right side out.  You can now fill each bag with whatever you choose (candy kisses, Jordan Almonds, etc).  You have the option of keeping the gift bags clean and simple or to decorate the outside of each bag.  You can use fabric paints, flowers, embellishments, etc.  Tie each bag closed with some ribbon.

Either of these ideas would look great on a country style reception table.  Think about maybe combining both of these ideas together to make your tables look great.

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