Choosing the Right Wedding Cake Not Just In Taste

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Selecting the wedding cake is one of the delightful and delectable choices that you need to make while making arrangements of the wedding. Ideally, the booking time for a wedding cake is  six months before the wedding, and thus, the planning has to begin well in advance. While choosing a wedding cake the look and size of it carries the same significance as its taste. Thus, along with deciding the flavor of your cake you also have to plan on its looks and design.

Choosing the Right Wedding Cake

Choosing the Right Wedding Cake

The most important thing to be decided while booking a wedding cake is its flavor. When you choose a multi-tiered cake, you may also choose multiple flavors. In case of a single storied cake, you can try two flavors layered on each other.  Since your flavor choices are limited with one tier, you will want to consider what flavor would be more popular amongst your guests.  In case of doubt,  something common like vanilla would be a safe choice but your could also go with specialized flavors such as chocolate or strawberry.

The design ideas for a wedding cake can be taken from different wedding magazines and internet, or you can select from the various designs that your chosen bakery may provide. The design of a wedding cake should be according to its size. You can include more and more flavors and decorations in a single cake, if it’s large in size. For the look of the cake, either you can choose to keep it pristine white or you can give it a dash of vibrancy by including different colors. Size of the cake can be enhanced either by adding more tiers to it or by enlarging the  width of the single storied cake. The size should be decided as per the number of guests invited to the wedding.

Next thing that is to be considered while ordering a wedding cake is its shape. The shape of the wedding cake can be either round, square, or even hexagonal. The shape can also be of any of your favorite things. This way one can add a personal touch to their wedding cake. Such cakes also prove to be a good option for theme weddings.

The decoration on a wedding cake does not only include edible items but it is also done with flower petals, beads, and other such decorative items. Flowery decorations help to add a touch of nature to the cake.  Decorations with edible items include fruits, edible flower decorations, chocolates, and many such items.

The look and decorations of the cake can also be kept in line with the theme of the wedding or with the wedding attires of the groom and the bride.  For instance, a San Francisco themed wedding can include pastel hues of the area’s Victorian houses on the cake.

So, take your time and research well before ordering the most important aspect of your wedding.

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