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Tips for Great Wedding Videographers

Ah, the wedding video. One of the best ways to commemorate your wedding ceremony and reception, wedding videography has expanded greatly since its rise to popularity in the 1950s and 60s.  Back in the old days of wedding cinematography, it use to be a family member or friend of the bride and groom who would film the wedding with a portable Super 8 film camera. These videos didn’t always come out great (or at all) because of the temperamental nature of the camera itself and because of the filmer’s lack of professional training.

videography tips

Today, brides and grooms needn’t worry about finding a separate wedding videographer and wedding photographer as most wedding photography studios (especially in New York and Brooklyn) offer both services to couples. Our top tip for couples tying the knot and looking for a wedding cinematographer would be to find a photos studio that offers both. That way, the photographer and the videographer can coordinate and make sure they capture your wedding day in its entirety without having any miscommunications.  This is especially important for brides and grooms who planned to get married in a big city like NYC where time constraints are very strict and inflexible.  The last thing you want is two separate wedding photographers and cinematographers scrambling around trying to get a shot that they thought the other one had already captured. Choosing one company to film the wedding and provide the wedding photography will also ensure the consistency of their aesthetic and skill level.

Finally, always interview plenty of candidates. Your wedding photos and videos will be passed around for generations and you only have one chance to get it right.  Be sure to see tons of samples of the photographer/videographer’s work to get a better idea of their style and skill. We have worked with NY brides who have admitted to watching their wedding videos at least once a week, so make sure it’s going to be a video you love! Although it may seem terribly stressful planning your wedding, it is absolutely worth it! We wish to congratulate all you engaged couples out there and wish you the best!

About the author:

Rachel is a New York City based writer who first became interested in all things wedding after working for photography studio, Le Image Inc. Her articles have been published on several wedding and fashion websites including, BrideTide, Cityblis & Wedding Wire.
Wedding Video

Top 10 Best Wedding Videos on YouTube

Everyone likes watching wedding videos on YouTube.  Brides and grooms can get ideas of what they would like to have at their own weddings.  Here’s a list of our top 10 favorite wedding videos on YouTube.

Wedding Video

#1 Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Entrance Dance. Viewed more than 70,431,008 times. The videos is a grand entrance by the wedding party into a church while dancing to Chris Brown’s song Forever.

#2 Wedding Thriller. Viewed more than 15,398,452 times. Michael Jackson made if popular and the groomsmen at this wedding continue the dance moves of the gloved one.

#3 Wedding First dance w/ surprise Jack Johnson Michael Jackson. Viewed more than 15,378,693. The song starts with Jack Johnson’s Better Together then changes into Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel. The dance is choreographed just for the bride and groom.

#4 Best Wedding Dance Ever! Surprise First Dance. Viewed more than 11,735,211 times. A trend in today’s weddings is to conduct choreographed dances. This video starts as a romantic first dance then turns fun while dancing to You’re The One That I Want by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. The dance then proceeds into a routine dance including the bridal party.

#5 The Best First Dance at a Wedding – Very Funny 1st Dance! Viewed more than 7,365,006. This couple mixed popular group dance songs together and put together a fantastic couple dance. If you need ideas for a choreographed dance, this has them all mixed into one. This is full of energy with just the two of them – Awesome!

#6 Can’t Stop Laughing. Viewed more than 6,808,809 times. The best man during the ceremony loses his pants. Then the bride and groom just can’t keep it together and stop laughing. Talk about lightening the mood.

#7 Rock the Reception – Chelsea and Daniel’s first dance! Viewed more than 4,694,964 times. If you watch the TV Show So You Think You Can Dance you know he choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha. They created this first dance including the bridal party.

#8 Wedding First Dance – with “Crank That” surprise! Viewed more than 4,320,016 times. The video includes entrances by the bride and groom to their own songs. What’s funny about this is the gentleman that is covering his ears because the music is too loud. Anyway, the bride and groom start dancing to a classic first dance song, then change to Soulja Boy’s song then back to the original song. What is also cool about this is the complete wedding party is surrounding the dance floor through it all.

#9 funny wedding dance. Viewed more than 3,118,421 times. This video is one of our favorites. The bride and groom really know how to get down and get their groove on on the dance floor. Who days that fluffy men can’t dance?

#10 Father Daughter Rock the Reception. Viewed more than 2,450,213 times. The bride and her father created a great choreographed dance. It’s nice to see that it is not always just the bride and groom.

There you have it. Our favorite and most popular wedding videos on YouTube. If you are getting married, have fun with it! We also challenge you to select different songs than the ones in the above videos. If you have any of your favorites, please comment them in and we will check them out too!

How Can Difficult Lighting Affect My Wedding Video

Many people still get a relative to film their wedding video. While they do sometimes produce a decent result, there are some issues that occur that the relative cannot overcome.  Lighting is one of them.

Lighting is critical to getting great shots, and the proper manipulation of the settings in more challenging lighting conditions ensures a good shot.  Often couples come to me that had their relative film their wedding, we’ll call him Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe has a new camera and he films often, but most times he only has a consumer or prosumer style of camera, that does not have full manual exposure, gain and white balance control, it only has automatic settings. What this means is when the camera sees the picture it automatically adjusts the exposure and color to get what it thinks is the best shot.

In most circumstances this is ok, but when you encounter difficult lighting conditions, such as a window behind the altar in a church, the camera exposes for the window and not the bride. The result is a perfect shot of the window, with an almost black or silhouetted bride and groom.

In many cases the camera does not have the settings to override this and there is nothing Uncle Joe can do.  If by chance the camera does have a setting override, and he does know how to get to it, many times he spends 5 minutes trying to get the shot right, going through the different settings, all the while possibly missing out on you saying “I do”.

Professional cameras have full manual exposure control and a good cameraman can produce a good result in almost any lighting condition. Moreover, they will be experienced with all types of lighting conditions and be able to respond with the right setting quickly, ensuring good clean footage of your ceremony.

Some things to ponder…

About the Author: Shane White is the owner of  He has been shooting Wedding Videos for over 13 years. He has travelled to remote locations, shot from helicopters, airplanes, moving vehicles, on boats and underwater. Shot with jibs, cranes, steadicams, spider dollies and in almost every situation a cameraman can find himself in.

Do I Really Need a Wedding Video?

Your wedding day will be a blur to you and your parents. You plan the many details for months, if not years, but your wedding day goes by so fast that you will miss a large part of it.

A wedding video is like a “time machine”. It lets you relive your wedding day as often as you like, anytime you like. As a fellow videographer put it, “It let’s you attend your own wedding at your leisure without the stresses and distractions of the day.” It is also a significant and important “living” document for your families, your children, and grandchildren. Some couples don’t realize just how important their wedding video will become until they experience the loss of a loved one that attended their wedding.

I Want a Wedding Video but I Have a Friend With a Camcorder

Some couples use a friend or family member to videotape their wedding day. Would you have a friend or family member take all of your wedding photographs? Probably not.

There are numerous stories of people running out of tape or batteries, not shooting important activities, and taking shaky or bad footage. Using a friend or relative can cause hard feelings and ruin relationships if your video is poorly done or not done at all. Also, that person can’t enjoy themselves at your wedding while they are videotaping it.

A wedding video is a movie of your wedding day, a lasting memory that contains 30 pictures every second and includes the timeless sites and sounds of every important event that took place on your special day. A professional wedding video should tell the story of your wedding day. Using creative camera work, a keen attention to detail, and artistic editing using music and the right blend of effects and transitions, the professional wedding videographer should produce a video you will watch often and be proud to show others.

I’m Having a Photographer So I Don’t Need a Video

Both your photographs and your wedding video are of equal importance. You can’t frame your wedding video or carry it with you in your purse or wallet to show a friend.

But, you can’t look at a photograph and hear your marriage vows, see a tear as it rolls down your cheek, or relive the sights, sounds, and emotions you felt as your dad walked you down the aisle or your first dance as husband and wife.

Photography and videography are both artistic expressions and vary from artist to artist. It is important to view the work of each and meet one-on-one with the person(s) that will be producing your photographs and your wedding video. Make sure that their style and personalities match your expectations.

How Much Will It Cost?

There is a misconception that your wedding video should be less expensive than your photographs. The training and experience are equally extensive, the equipment used by both is costly, the time spent producing a professional wedding video takes longer than producing your photographs. Your video is a movie of your wedding day with sound.

  • A professional videographer should attend your rehearsal to meet the Officiant, become familiar with the order of activities, and offer ideas and assistance to improve the video
  • A professional videographer will invest around $20,000 or more in equipment plus training and experience
  • Typical wedding day coverage includes two cameras with operators that shoot almost continuously for five hours or more
  • Your wedding video will take 30 to 50 hours or more to edit to transform the raw footage into a smoothly flowing story of your wedding day
  • And, unlike Steven Spielberg or even your photographer, your videographer has only one take to capture your wedding day activities. The ceremony or special events can’t be stopped and done over if something isn’t perfect.

Your wedding videographer must be the:

  • producer
  • director
  • lighting technician
  • sound person
  • cinematographer
  • editor

They must perform all of these jobs well to produce the wedding video that you hope for and deserve. Pricing varies depending on experience, services offered, time spent, etc. Choose a videographer based on how their work makes your feel when you see it then discuss pricing based on what it will take to produce your personal video memory.

Couples tell us that the best money they spent was on their wedding video and are so happy they made the decision to have one.

When Should I Book a Videographer?

As with your first choice for your ceremony, reception, and other vendors the best wedding videographers will be booked first. You should meet with videographers as you would photographers, if not earlier in your planning process. There are fewer videographers than there are photographers. Eight months to one year prior to your day is not too early.

Do I Really Need a Wedding Video?

It’s up to you. Your wedding day will only happen once in your life. Don’t regret not having your precious memories preserved in a video that you can see and relive over and over.

About The Author: Gary Bridges, Horizon Video Productions,, © copyright 2004 Horizon Productions, Inc.

Winning Ideas For A Wedding Video In Vegas

The mood outside the Little White Chapel was one for the ages for Jennifer Baits, 31 and Jason Frisby, 29. Located at 1301 Las Vegas Blvd, this charming and cozy chapel has been home to numerous celebrity weddings and has been featured on “Entertainment Tonite”, and the Discovery Channel.

Las Vegas is where such icons as Zsa Zsa Gabor, Richard Gere, Elvis Presley and a host of other famous singers, actors, and entertainers have tied the knot. So what is it about the city of neon lights that attracts over 150,000 couples to exchange vows each year?

Perhaps, it’s the excitement of saying; “I do” above the lights of the strip in a helicopter. Or perhaps, it’s the excitement of getting married by an American icon like Elvis, at the Graceland wedding chapel.

A common challenge for couples planning a destination wedding is finding the right vendors. For example, Las Vegas couples can sign up for the video package offered by the venue or book their own.

Fortunately for Jennifer and Jason, they didn’t rely on luck, but instead hard work in selecting their wedding videographer.

Yes To A Quality Wedding Video

Like photography, videos are something that should allow you to relive your memories for a lifetime. With all the unique wedding attractions in Vegas, you can be assured your day will be worth remembering. Unlike other mementos such as flowers, wedding cake, and even that special champagne, they are something that can be passed on from generation and experienced for a lifetime.

If you want a great video, you have to do it right. Don’t simply do what everyone else does. To hire a competent videographer, do your homework and don’t just settle on the lowest priced vendor. Remember that you want a video that you can look at for a lifetime. Look at quality first, not price. If you don’t, you may regret what you get; remember that you wedding happens only once, so you can’t do your video over, either.

Use Your Eyes and Ears

In order to make an effective decision on who will successfully produce a video illuminating the overall allure of a wedding, analyzing the previous work of a potential professional is essential. Las Vegas has a bunch of video professionals offering different packages. As you view samples, it is important to pay attention to clarity, quality of video, composition, as well as skill in shooting and editing. Some videographers will give you sample DVDs or CDs of their work. This is a good way to sample their work on your own time. You can take your time, compare styles and make your decision without being rushed.

Pay attention to audio quality. Most experienced videographers use wireless microphones during the ceremony and reception to make sure they fully capture such important moments as vows and speeches. Audio is a critical element. When you have Elvis singing at your reception, you don’t want him to sound like he’s rehearsing in the shower. Therefore, if you find a videographer during your search that only uses one microphone, look elsewhere- it should not sound like it was recorded in an airplane hangar.

If this all sounds like a lot of work, it’s worth it because these are memories that will literally last a lifetime; you’ll be sharing them with your children and grandchildren, too, if you’re lucky. After the fact, you’ll be glad that you put in the extra effort to make sure you had a quality video. You can even have your videographer do something special like a “vignette” tape on the Las Vegas strip, where he or she constructs a short “movie” or series of photographs in a montage set to music, to encapsulate you and your spouse’s lives before your special day.

Video Formats

Nowadays, there is a wide array of video formats that a videographer may offer when covering a wedding. To guarantee the best quality and results, knowing the different types of options you may select from will help you make a decision a lot easier. The most commonly used approaches include S-VHS, DV, and HDV. S-VHS produces the lowest quality, while HDV (also known as high definition video) offers the best in quality, which can be repeatedly recopied without loss of quality. For couples looking to receive video with the feel of a broadcast quality event, HDV offers the best display of digital sound and video that comes in the form of a DVD. Just make sure you have a high definition compatible player such as Blu-Ray or HD-DVD.

Get Special Touches In Your Video

You can ask your videographer to add some special touches in your wedding video such as family interviews, a stroll down to Excalibur Hotel & Casino, and even some special behind the scenes coverage. It would be great for you and your spouse to be able to watch the video afterwards and see each other before the wedding while getting ready. You can share some special moments, laughs and memories for a long time.

It’s also worth noting that Las Vegas has a ton of excitement to offer. A romantic way to capture those precious moments in the city is to have your wedding filmed not only at the ceremony and reception but also as you tour the city.

Some memorable attractions worth mentioning include a trip to the Grand Canyon, a romantic tour on the waters of Lake Las Vegas, or a lift in a helicopter across the lights of the city.

Whatever you choose to do, the sin city will bring substance, excitement, and allure, to your wedding.

The Cost

Videographers generally offer a variety of options and therefore, prices can vary wildly. For a basic package, look for:

  1. The Number Of Cameras/Operators At Your Event
  2. The Hours Of Coverage They Provide
  3. The Add-Ons (Such As A Photo Montage) Included
  4. What If Any Editing Of The Footage Occurs?
  5. How Many Final Copies Of Your Video You Receive?

There can be other factors as well, although these are most common. The market in your area will generally determine how much you’ll pay. Again, online searches can do a lot to help you determine the proper price range. Some videographers will charge by the hour, while others will provide one flat package price. Other services, like same day highlights, may cost extra. One new option that has recently come into play is that some videographers are now offering high-definition video.

If the quality of the work and the personality of the videographer fit what you want, then you’ve found the right one. Viva Las Vegas!

About the Author: Mark Pommett is an experienced wedding videographer. He shot his first Las Vegas wedding video 10 yrs ago and has been shooting ever since.

Why Have A Professional Wedding Video

Why Have A Professional Wedding Video

Why Have A Professional Wedding VideoYour wedding day, you’ve dreamed of this day your entire life, whether it’s a sparkling, intimate gathering or a dazzling grand celebration. You’ve seen pictures, movies, and visions in your head. The only way to relive those memories is in color, on video…so the dreams you’ve created in your mind are those that you will see in reality forever.

That sounds nice, right, but what does it really mean? After filming hundreds upon hundreds of weddings, I think I am more than qualified to answer this question and perhaps offer some important insight into the world of professional wedding videography. Many brides and grooms are overwhelmed with the amount of planning that it takes to create a wedding day worthy of their expectations. Of course the economics of the event are usually a big consideration whether you are planning a smaller wedding or the next big Trump-like affair. There are many expenses associated with planning any wedding, but it is so important to remember to prioritize. What will you have left after the actual wedding day is over, when all the cake is eaten and all the champagne has been toasted away? After months, sometimes years of planning your wedding, wouldn’t you want a fabulous wedding video of this incredible day? It never ceases to amaze me when a bride will actually pay more for seat covers at a reception than she is willing to spend on a wedding video. The seat covers, though lovely, will be sat upon, and hardly seen (they will be under people most of the time). But of course a well filmed and edited professional wedding video will be a tangible piece of priceless memories that can be shared for generations to come. I think if more couples really considered this reality, the chair covers may take a back seat!

That sounds nice, right, but what does it really mean? After filming hundreds upon hundreds of weddings, I think I am more than qualified to answer this question and perhaps offer some important insight into the world of professional wedding videography. Many brides and grooms are overwhelmed with the amount of planning that it takes to create a wedding day worthy of their expectations. Of course the economics of the event are usually a big consideration whether you are planning a smaller wedding or the next big Trump-like affair. There are many expenses associated with planning any wedding, but it is so important to remember to prioritize. What will you have left after the actual wedding day is over, when all the cake is eaten and all the champagne has been toasted away? After months, sometimes years of planning your wedding, wouldn’t you want a fabulous wedding video of this incredible day? It never ceases to amaze me when a bride will actually pay more for seat covers at a reception than she is willing to spend on a wedding video. The seat covers, though lovely, will be sat upon, and hardly seen (they will be under people most of the time).

But of course a well filmed and edited professional wedding video will be a tangible piece of priceless memories that can be shared for generations to come. I think if more couples really considered this reality, the chair covers may take a back seat!Most of today’s brides and grooms are well educated and savvy, yet I think many of them have an outdated impression of “wedding video” as a whole. Unfortunately, television shows that exploit “funny” wedding videos, complete with every mishap in the book, have given false ideas to some people. They may be afraid they will be made to look bad or that the video itself will be boring. I am here to scream, shout, yell from the highest rooftops that if you choose a great videographer you will have a priceless memory that you will want to watch over and over again for the rest of your lives. Anyone who has seen what the current wave of top professional wedding videographers are producing will know how breathtaking, beautiful, and emotional a wedding video can be. The wedding video industry has evolved so much in the last twenty years. It’s a whole new ball game out there, where top videographers are producing “knock your socks off” cinematic mini movies starring YOU!

Let’s not even get into the “we’re having a good friend film our wedding with their new mini DV camera from Circuit City” syndrome. BIG MISTAKE, HUGH! You will be so disappointed when after the first 15 seconds of the bride walking down the aisle with her beaming father, clutching her trembling arm, the camera suddenly drops to the church floor and all you hear is your “good friend” cursing the equipment. Even if you have friends or family kindly offering to help, do you really want to trust some of THE MOST important moments of your life to an amateur?

Okay, so you’re a smart bride and groom and you have decided to hire a professional wedding videographer for your wedding, you won’t be sorry (if you choose the right company). Here are some tips on what to look for and what to ask.

Always look for professionalism combined with a high quality of service. Find out how long the videographer has been in business and make sure that videography is their profession. “Weekend” videographers can give the industry a bad name. They may be cheaper, but be prepared for the results. But by the same token, you don’t have to spend $4,000, $7,000, $10,000 or more, to have a fabulous wedding video. There are some really great videographers who can produce a wedding video (that you will love) for under $2,000. It just depends on your budget and how much you want to spend. There are three main things to consider when choosing your wedding videographer. First, the videographer themselves. Personality and professionalism are so important in your choice. Don’t be afraid to call a videographer and ask questions. Ask about the video packages they may offer, ask about pricing, ask as many questions as you like, this is an important choice for your very important day! Second, view actual demos of the work so you can see the artistic level and quality. Does the demo move you, do you feel the emotion? With great state of the art editing, a really good videographer can turn wedding day imagery into a masterpiece. Most top videographers have video samples right on their web sites that you can view anytime, anywhere. And third, is price. As I have already said, there is a difference in price ranges. And here’s a really important tip, start looking for your videographer as soon as you begin planning your wedding. Unlike a florist or bakery who can handle many, many weddings per day, a video company will have a limit to how many weddings they can film per day. You don’t want to miss out, the really top videographers with great prices will book up very fast and far in advance. And remember, your videographer is not just a “vendor”, but rather a hired professional “artist” who will be with you, and your family, capturing some of the most intimate and special moments of your life.

I believe in professional wedding videography. It preserves images, sounds, and feelings from those people you love and from those times of your life, that otherwise would simply fade away. Just imagine being able to see your grandmother’s wedding, well fast forward fifty years and maybe that is a gift you can give to your grandchildren. Videos mastered on DVD are archival and will last for generations to come. A great wedding video can help us piece together the fabric of remembrance. It can make you laugh, cry and hopefully make you grateful you skipped the pricey seat covers!

About the Author: Harlene Conlin , along with husband and business partner Gary, created YOU’RE THE STAR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS in Santa Barbara, California. This year marks the companies twenty year anniversary in business. In that time they have proudly filmed over 3000 weddings and events all over California and coast to coast. Harlene and Gary are also the founding members of the prestigious “Santa Barbara Event Professionals” and members of “WEVA International”. YOU’RE THE STAR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS has a client base which includes many celebrities, along with sports and political figures who appreciate their unobtrusive style combined with a high level of quality and confidentiality. Harlene and Gary have an artistic, creative, and cinematic approach to wedding videography. For more about YOU’RE THE STAR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS please visit

It’s Your Wedding – Don’t Miss It

It’s Your Wedding – Don’t Miss It

It’s Your Wedding – Don’t Miss ItIf a picture is worth a thousand words…then video is an encyclopedia.  They say our most valuable possessions are the memories of our life experiences. Since the beginning of recorded history, the marriage celebration has been the high point of a family’s celebrations. Preserving the memories with motion and sound is one of the wisest investments you can make. Choosing the best videographer is a decision that takes research and careful consideration.

A string quartet softly fills the air with classical music. The mothers are wearing elegant gowns. After being escorted to their seats, they light two candles adjoining the unity candle. The man of your dreams walks to the center aisle and takes a deep breath. Your best friends carefully march to the front and await your arrival. Sighs fill the air as your niece, the most adorable flower girl the world has ever seen drops rose petals on a white runner…and you are not even in the room. You are standing in the hall with Dad getting ready to make your entrance. Without a quality wedding video, you will have missed important moments that you have been planning since childhood.

Video is naturally less obtrusive than photography. There is no need to pose or arrange people. A video camera is silent and the newer digital cameras work in such low light that rarely is a light needed on the camera. A skilled videographer will be able to catch all the events and the interactions with your guests without you being aware of their presence. When you think about it, all the emotion, drama, suspense and lighter moments are built into the event. There should be no need to perform for the camera. Look for a videographer who will work in the background without becoming the overbearing director of your event.

Attitudes and emotions are contagious. That is why so many wedding professionals have chosen to be at a wedding event every weekend. The love and excitement that wedding party’s exuberant will leave us feeling truly good about life. In turn, our attitudes and emotions will have an effect on the people with which we are working. Choose wedding professionals who will make you feel both calm and confident.

If you are going to watch it on TV, it should be of the same quality as the other programs you watch. In order to have a great quality wedding video you need a videographer who has the right equipment and is skilled in the areas of camera work, sound recording and editing. Make sure the videographers you interview are full-time professionals who use three chip digital cameras for high resolution and great color. Ask if they will attend your rehearsal to properly plan for camera angles and microphone placement. Unless you want to assume the liability for their actions, make sure they carry liability insurance and have a business license.

When you visit, do not be afraid to ask and see proof. Look at sample videos from actual weddings shot by the videographer who will be shooting your wedding and evaluate for smooth and steady camera work. Do the people on the tape look natural or staged? Can you feel the emotion? Listen carefully to the audio from the music, minister, vows, readers, vocalists and the D.J.’s introductions and toasts from the reception. An experienced videographer will have carefully miked all of the above. The on-camera microphone will never produce better than home video sound. Choose a full-time professional with quality equipment, skill and experience.

The love that a couple feels for each other will be with them for the rest of their life. Getting in touch with these feelings years down the road might be a challenge for some. Having a Love Story produced where the details of your romance are documented may very well be the vehicle that will take you back to the time when your love was new. Many couples will have their video include additional important elements of the wedding process such as obtaining a marriage license, a visit to the site of the first meeting or date, recreating the proposal, final fitting of the dress or a visit to the tuxedo shop. When wedding video is produced to its potential, it will do more than just record what you look like and what you say, it will truly capture all the emotions of planning the biggest day of your life. Choose a videographer who is willing to customize coverage the way you want.

The going rate for an experienced camera operator who owns Broadcast Quality equipment is between $100 & $150 per hour. When you consider (depending on the coverage you select) the time to plan, shoot and edit a professional wedding video will be anywhere from 15 to 60 hours, you can estimate what the cost should be for a top quality wedding video. You can always find somebody who will do it for less, if you are willing to accept a lower level of skill and quality. Sometimes it is better to spend more than you have planned, instead of less than you should.

A young couple in my office was up front about deciding whether to include professional video in their budget. I asked them to picture themselves owning a film of their grandparent’s wedding day and how much it would mean to them. She replied that her grandparents did indeed hire a professional to record a 16mm film of their wedding. I offered to buy it from her and asked her for a price. She said, “I could never part with that film, it’s family history and probably the most important thing I will ever own.” That was precisely the point. Having a professional wedding video produced will provide joy to your family now and for generations to come. Capture the romance by investing in a professionally produced wedding video.

About The Author: John Goolsby has produced over 1500 professional wedding videos working in 14 different states and 9 countries. He is a Certified Professional Videographer and Master of Electronic Imaging and has taught video communication at California Baptist University and the University of California-Riverside. He has won numerous awards including the PROVA award for the best wedding video in the United States three times and is the Past-President and Honorary Lifetime member of Professional Photographers of California and a Wedding Video Hall of Fame Inductee. You can reach him at (800) 495-5530 or