Hire A Wedding Planner

Why Hire A Wedding Planner When You Can Do It Yourself?

Some people also say, why go to a restaurant when you can cook at home? These are very valid questions with several different answers. Just as in the restaurant scenario, of course you can produce the same basic product, but usually what you sacrifice is quality and time. The advantage of hiring a wedding planner…


Where To Get The Best Wedding Websites Builders?

Wedding websites are a great way to let your family and friends know about the details of your wedding. We stopped offering our wedding websites in February 2015. As a result, here is a list of some of the best wedding websites builders offered on the Internet.

41 wedding events to set to music

41 Wedding Events To Set To Music

Music plays an integral part of every American wedding. Music sets the theme and tone of a wedding and reception. The tempo of music also sets the mood. If the music played is of slower tempo, you would want guests to sit and relax while eating their dinner. Fast tempo music is great for playing…

after becoming engaged

First Things To Do After Becoming Engaged

After the big question is popped and you say “Yes” and the initial shock has worn down, you will want to personally notify your family or friends. This notification can be accomplished through meeting them in person, via phone call, or social media such as Facebook or Twitter.


No Excuses For Daddy’s Not So Little Girl

A wedding day is all about the bride and groom. No, scratch that. It’s all about the bride, not the bass. Yes, that’s the way it should be. A bride thinks about her wedding day her whole life. Stereotypically as she grows up, the bride looks for a man to fill the role that her…


10 Facts About Booking Wedding Venues [Infographic]

He popped the question and put a ring on it. You selected the perfect date to get married. Now it’s time to pick your wedding venue locations. However, before signing on the dotted line, please consider our 10 facts about booking wedding venues.

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Horrible Website – Would You Hire a Wedding Vendor?

There are more than two-hundred thousand (yes 200,000) wedding industry vendors in the United States. Vendors are needed for you, family’s and friends’ weddings including bakers, photographers, venues, florists, officiants and so many more. It is a known fact that most brides and grooms planning their weddings research their wedding vendors online. You will check…

wedding is cancelled

I Fought The Law and the Wedding Is Cancelled

Knowing the local and state laws will only help you in not breaking the law. Save yourself from having to notify your wedding guests that your wedding is cancelled. What are some of the laws not to break and prevent you from getting married? Some states do not allow marriage licenses to be issued to…


A Wedding Date, Just How Important? 12-13-14

We just passed a very important date to get married – December 13th, 2014. It doesn’t look like much all spelled out. However, when you see the sequential numbers, you know why thousands of weddings took place on 12-13-14. If you want to get married in sequential numbers, you will have to wait until January…