Give Wedding Guests the Wow Factor

Wedding guests want to be Wow’d when at a wedding reception. No, wait. Let me rephrase. Wedding guests EXPECT to be blown away at your wedding. They want an experience like no other. Guests want surprises and want to do and see things that they have not done before your big day. What can you…

backyard wedding

16 Backyard Wedding Ideas To Transform Your Yard Into A Wedding Venue

Having an intimate backyard wedding offers many advantages. However, there are also disadvantages. You can make the largest yard into a memorable experience. Let us help you plan your backyard wedding with the below 16 tips to transform your yard. Be sure to have great looking green grass. Bring in new sod if need be….

yummy wedding food stations

Yummy Wedding Food Stations and Food by the Season

Wedding guests will only remember a few parts of your wedding years down the road.  For that matter, so will YOU!  People will be brought back to your wedding day particularly by there senses: what they see, what they hear, what they taste, what they touch and what they smell.  One of the five senses…

Love Mirage

Not A Cookie Cutter Reception – Vintage to Chic

Planning a wedding reception is a daunting task.  The last thing today’s brides want is a cookie cutter wedding – meaning being like everyone else’s wedding.  We all know the type through the years with the following: Purple and teal wedding colors Bird seed as the bride and groom adventure out of the reception hall….

wedding cost savings rent

Wedding Cost Savings – Rent Instead of Buy

When planning a wedding reception, one of the best ways to have wedding cost savings is to rent instead of buying outright. This way, bridal couples do not have an excess stock of inventory on items they “hope” they’ll use again. Many companies offer a variety of items for rent including linens, chair covers, tables…

home wedding centerpiece

An In-House Reception or House Ceremony

A wedding engagement provides the perfect opportunity to redecorate a home, and an excuse to hold an in-house reception. For smaller wedding parties, an in-house reception, or even a house ceremony, can be just the ticket for providing a private and intimate location for a very important occasion. However, some couples might consider their homes…

wedding season colors

Wedding Colors by Season

Brides and grooms choose their wedding theme for many reasons.  Maybe they have favorite colors that they want to incorporate into their theme, like purple and teal.  Maybe they have a special time of year they prefer, like Halloween or Christmas.  They also may have a special theme in mind, like the roaring 20’s or…