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A Picture – Perfect Bride

As a bride on her wedding day, all eyes are on her.  The first thing they notice of course is the dress.  From head to toe, the bride will be reviewed and adored by everyone in attendance.  However, not only wedding guests, pictures and videos will last years to come of how a bride looked on her wedding day.

picture perfect bride

The reason for mentioning all of this is two important tasks not to be overlooked – hair and makeup.  Be sure to add a glamorous touch to hair and makeup and looking and feeling the absolute best.  However, it is easier than you think.

Women manage their facial beauty on a daily basis.  One option for the day is to have a session at a local department store to get extra pointers for their skin type and color prior to the big day.  The makeup socialist can offer suggestions to help enhance the brides look to be perfect.  The second option is to hire a makeup artist.  The benefit of a professional makeup artist is that they can create many different looks.  The will be able to offer suggestions for a longer lasting look that can make it through to the last dance at the wedding reception.  A makeup artist can also help accentuate the bride’s features.  Makeup artists can help create the look of the bride wishes to have from voluptuous lips to smokey eyes for a picture-perfect bride all night.

Lastly is the hair.  One less thing to worry about the day of the wedding is the hair if the bride were to hire a hair stylist.  When hiring a hair specialist, it is recommended to start looking one to two months before the big day.  When going to the initial consultation, be sure to bring all necessary headwear including the veil or headpiece.  Be sure to bring a camera for all the different offered looks to make a decision on which the bride likes best.  Also bring pictures of what the bride thinks to be the best looks to give initial ideas for the hair stylist.

bride hair

Wedding Hair Styles for Brides

A bride’s wedding is one of the biggest days in a women’s life.  She spends a lot of time thinking about her big day and wants everything to be perfect.  Since the bride tends to become the center of attention during the wedding, she wants to look her most beautiful.  This includes her dress, her make-up and her hair.  Your hairstyle should be thought out long before the big day.  You should get with your stylist no less than two months before the big day, but preferably 6 months before the wedding day.  This should give you and your stylist plenty of time to work out the best color and style for you and give you enough time to let your hair grow out if needed.

bride hair

There are many options for your hair.  You may want to wear your hair pulled up into an updo.  Updo’s are very popular and traditional for weddings.  You may choose a polished updo or a loose messy updo. A polished updo has all of your hair pulled back into a smooth bun usually at the crown.  You may also choose to have your bangs swept to the side instead of pulled back sleek.  This is a very sophisticated look.  If you prefer a messy updo pull your hair back leaving more body and bounce to it.  This look tends to bring the face to the forefront.

You may also choose to leave your hair down and breezy.  This is a less formal look and works beautifully for a casual beachy style wedding.  Hair can be straight or wavy to curly.  You can curl the entire length of your hair for a more polished look, or maybe just curl the lower half for a more casual look.  Either way is a beautiful way to style your hair.

An option for someone who doesn’t want an updo, but wants her hair to have more control than just leaving her hair down, is a side ponytail.  This look beautifully combines an elegant and relaxed look all in one.

Here are a few tips for bridal hair.  First, choose the hairstyle before you choose the hair accessory.  Once you have decided on a style and an accessory, have your stylist try the two together to make sure they work.  Do not over accessorize.  Just keep it simple but beautiful.  Keep regular visits with your stylist so that your hair stays well trimmed.  Wear a button up shirt to your appointment the day of the wedding so you do not have to take your shirt off over your head.  Last, but certainly not least, keep your style true to you.  If you never wear your hair up, then why would you suddenly want your hair up for your wedding?  Do not let others dictate the way you should wear your hair just because they like a traditional look.

bride makeup

How to Achieve Perfect Bridal Makeup?

Every girl wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, and make up is one of the ways to achieve the look that every girl desires. According to beauticians, the perfect look for any bride should be natural and fresh with a tinge of glamour that helps highlight her best features. Bridal make up should be flawless and long lasting to stand up to the whole day ahead. Anyone can achieve this look by following some simple steps and using the right makeup products.

bride makeup

Some steps to achieve that perfect look are to hire a professional makeup artist and follow a pre wedding regime that will diminish any imperfections you may have on your skin. The makeup artist will tell you about dos and don’ts you should follow the days before your wedding day. Here are some instructions that every beautician suggests brides follow for a perfect look.

  • Get a facial done two to three weeks before the wedding in order to deep cleanse your skin; it helps skin breathe and glow properly.
  • Properly exfoliate entire body along with your face to remove dead skin cells and soften the skin surface.
  • If you have problems with breakouts and blemishes, treat them with tea tree oil and Aloe Vera gel for soothing the affected area.
  • Use a hydrating mask before the wedding to make your skin look fresh and glowing.

Start working with your makeup artist days or weeks before the wedding to highlight your best features and conceal the imperfections. Avoid alcohol, carbonated drinks, caffeine, and cigarette and replace them with 8-10 glasses of water, fresh fruits and vegetables to help hydrate skin.

Before starting the makeup, apply moisturizer properly on your entire face. Apply it to the face and neck, but leave the under eye area. Moisturizer keeps your skin soft and supple and creates a protective base. Apply foundation with a moisturizer and sun protection feature; it will help your make up last longer and make you look fresh throughout the day. The best way to look flawless is to use concealer, which is used to hide flaws including dark circles, dark spots, redness, scars, and small pimples. Avoid using too much of it as it can make you look fake and unnatural. Next, apply translucent powder; it helps you take away any unwanted shine and also helps set your foundation. Then, apply blush on cheekbones to bring a natural looking glow to your face.

Eyes are one of the most appealing parts of women’s body. You can make your eyes more glamorous using eyelash curler, mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner. Choose your eye make according to your eye’s shape and skin tone. If your eyes are small you can make them look big by using right kind of eye makeup. Talk to your beautician/make-up artist about the features that you want to highlight the most.  Last but not least, use oil free and waterproof make so that your make up remains fresh all day long.  Always remember, more is not always better especially when it comes to make-up.

wedding hair

Beautiful Hairdos for Brides

Your hairstyle is not only part of your personality but reflects your style as well. Whether you have straight hair, long hair, short hair, or curly hair, there are millions of ways you can carry them in various occasions. However, your wedding is the only occasion when you want to leave no stone unturned to look drop dead gorgeous with sexy hair. So, if you are getting fussy before deciding about the hairstyle you should go with on your wedding day, then read along for getting ideas about some trendy hairstyles that you can try.

bride wedding hairdo

Apart from wedding dress and jewelry, brides give special attention to their hairstyle as it not only enhances their looks but also makes them feel beautiful. Modern hairstyles can make you look younger and fresh on your wedding day. These hairstyles are low maintenance and will last the  whole day long without any problems. You should get with your hair dresser several months before the wedding to discuss ideas.  Your hair dresser may suggest letting your hair grow out a little before the wedding to give you more options to experiment with. You can also use hair extension if you have very short hair. Updo hairstyles are very popular nowadays; it can be created with both straight and curly hair. In this type of hair style, French bun and chignon, which is a little lower on the neck, are the classic ones. Updo’s do not have to be strictly at the back of the head, you can try it on the side also. To make it look more beautiful, you can decorate your hair with a hair accessory.

Those ladies who have short hair can try a half updo hairstyle. Brideswith medium and long hair can also create this hairstyle. All you need to do is scoop the top layers of your hair back and fasten with pins or bands. Then, put half of the hair near the crown in bun, and take out some hair to hang loose around the back, and take out some bangs to give an exotic look.  To give a natural look, curl your hair with a curling iron,  spray, and pin to the side to make a side pony tail. Add a beautiful hair piece to make it more attractive.

You can also go for simple hair style, which is also very popular among brides. Use hair spray and curling iron to create curls and waves in hair. Comb your hair back and use hair pin to create puff above the forehead. Simply place tiara over it and you are ready to walk down the aisle. The ponytail style is becoming a popular yet simple hairstyle for a bride. To create ponytail wedding hair style, make your hair wavy with the help of iron rod, then pull you hair back to a ponytail. You can also try hair puff above the forehead and place the pony on your shoulder to give a romantic look. Get different styles of hair accessories from the market to decorate your hair. Do not forget to use them on whichever hairstyle you are opting for your wedding.

Essential Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for Future Brides

Every bride wants to look perfect and beautiful on her wedding day. This is the moment when the bride wants to appear her best with beautiful radiating skin, lustrous hair and a slim figure. Though it would seem impossible to many soon to be brides, the fact is that looking radiant is very do-able.  Everyone can have their desirable looks by following the strict regimen given below.

Most women face skin problems, which includes acne, blemishes, paleness, etc. at one time or another.  If you have any of these problems then this is the right time to treat it. You can do it in two ways. Either you choose home remedies or see a dermatologist. Home remedies are effective when there is a slight skin problem, but if you are facing severe derma problem then it is better to visit a doctor for seeking remedies. Along with it, you should also try home facials made from fruits, vegetables, and essential oils. These products are natural, safe, bring grace, and shine to your skin. You should also improve eating habits by including essential add-ons in your daily diet. You should add lots of fruits, raw vegetable in the form of salad, nuts, and drink 7-8 glasses of water in your daily diet to bring shine to your entire body’s skin. After following this diet for a few weeks you will find your skin had become extremely soft and supple.

To improve hair’s condition and make it lustrous, it is important that you make slight changes in your diet. Add protein rich food like milk, dairy products, eggs, and nuts in your diet to make your hair strong, long and beautiful. This diet will not only improve your hair, but skin too. Have your hair trimmed in order to avoid coarse hair and split ends on your wedding day. Properly hydrate your hair with olive and almond oil for conditioning and strengthening. Hands and feet play equally important role in enhancing your entire look. Regularly manicure and pedicure to make them feel good and look beautiful before and on the wedding day.

Last. but not the least, your body needs to be healthy also.  Every body is different but one thing is for sure, a healthy body is a happy body.  Try maintaining an exercise routine before the wedding.  Exercise  will keep you healthy, stress free and happy, which is very essential to look good. After following a fitness regime for a few weeks, you will find that you have become energetic and healthy.

These tips are easy to follow and will give you beautiful skin, hair and body that you have dreamt of for your wedding day.

How Your Hair-do Should Be On Your Wedding Day?

Have you ever thought what compliments your wedding gown the most? Is it your make-up, your accessories or your wedding bouquet? Well, they all have their part to play but they cannot replace the role of your hair style. Even if you walk the aisle with the minimum of make-up, you will still look perfect when you have the right hair-do. But the concern is how to make sure that you select the right hair style. Take help of the tips given in this article to know what all you can consider for getting the perfect wedding hairstyle.

Firstly, don’t neglect the importance of a good hairstyle on your wedding day as everything you do on your wedding will always remain a memory for lifetime and you won’t like to recall your wedding hairstyle as something you would have done on regular days. Thus, as the first step to that perfect wedding hair-do, book a professional hair stylist for the day, well in advance. As the next step, make sure the decision for the hairstyle is not entirely of the stylist and you have your own opinions and choices involved in it. For starting with the selection, you can choose to pick a hairstyle from a wedding or fashion magazine or you can select from one of the options shown by your hair stylist.

The selection is also done upon the setting of your hair. Hair setting is dependent on your physique and face-cut rather than the wedding attire. Those who have a long face and slim neck can get an up-do in the form of a beautifully styled hair bun. This helps to enhance your slim looks. However, if you are on a little bulkier side or have a round face cut, then keeping your hair open will definitely be a good option. You can enhance them with stylish frills, highlights or curls. You can also opt for some messy curls for a more casual wedding theme.

Now, here it is important to understand that the hairstyle you choose would be mere base for the way you will tie up your hair. The basic difference in a normal hair-do and one for the wedding is the accessories used in it. This brings you to the next selection, which is choosing the hair accessories you want to wear. Hair accessories basically include jewellery pieces, decorative pins and bands, or flowers. The most common basis for selecting a hair accessory is the wedding attire. For example, if you are planning on a fairy tale wedding and your wedding gown is flaunty, then using a tiara or jewel pieces in the hair-do can be good option. If you have a Hawaiian wedding theme, then flowers are most likely to go with your hairstyle.

Before styling hair for the special day, brides can take help of some prior precautions. These precautions include pre-washing and conditioning of hair. Hairs are difficult to style when freshly washed. Dryness in hair is also difficult to tackle during the styling session. To make sure, none of such problems arises, ask for the required precautions from your hair stylist in advance, and look stunning in your wedding.

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How to Look Ravishing on your Wedding Day

Wedding is the most important day of every one’s life, and the bride and groom are the center of attention for all the guests and relatives. Every bride and groom wants to look best in their wedding, and looking the best means feeling radiant, relaxed, and attractive. Keeping special care of hair, nails, makeup, and dress, before and during marriage, is very essential for looking gorgeous.

In order to keep their best foot forward, many couples start taking care of themselves many days even months before the wedding.  The preparation for the wedding includes selecting clothes, personal grooming, weight shedding etc. However, before you hop on to the preparations’ schedule like what to wear or what hair style will be the right for you, have a good look at your skin and start taking care of it in order to flaunt the radiance you always want to display.

It is very important to have radiating and supple skin to look stunning. Always use sunscreen wherever you go out in sun, and fully cover yourself with sunglasses and hat. Start taking skin treatment if you have any kind of skin problems like acne, dry flakes etc. Consult a skin specialist and start taking a proper diet including essential vitamins and minerals that benefits your skin and rejuvenates it along with toning your body. To maintain your skin’s glow, drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Water hydrates your skin and flushes the toxins, out of your body. It also helps to lose excessive weight and burn calories.

So, if you want to look outstandingly stunning, start from today. Make an exercise chart, which includes exercise schedule four to five times a week and a healthy diet. Doing exercise will burn your calories or extra fat and boost your energy level. Exercising not only helps you look better it also makes you feel better.  If you do not know how to go about it, then hire a fitness trainer who will make a fitness program according to your capabilities and problem areas.

For having a new start in life, it is important that you rest to the fullest and rejuvenate yourself with spa treatment and massage sessions. Taking spa treatment is the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Aromatic oil and herbs will take out all your tiredness and make you feel relax, exotic and unwind. Visit salons that offer special packages for wedding treatment for couples.

The next important preparation for your wedding is your dress, so make sure that you have enough time to select the dress that suits you best.  A bride should select a wedding gown that is unique in itself and fits her body shape. Moreover, pick the one in which you can easily walk, dance, and stand comfortably. Keep your looks simple and elegant, and do not forget to consult your stylist about your hairstyle and accessories. Don’t forget to do a proper dress rehearsal with complete hair and makeup to ensure that you don’t miss on anything on the D-day.

To look stunning on your wedding, follow these few steps and make your day memorable forever.

This article has been written by an expert associated with WeddingMuseum.com, a company providing wedding day tips for today’s brides and grooms.