2 Helpful Stories by a Wedding Photographer

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Stories by a Wedding Photographer
Remember the Details

Usually when someone thinks of wedding pictures they think of the first kiss, bridal party, and first dance. While each of those are important, there is one thing often gets overlooked: the details.  Brides spend hours (not to mention hundreds of dollars) putting together the prefect invitations, choosing the right favors, and trying on dozens of shoes but somehow it all seems to get lost in the mix when it comes to pictures.

Stories by a Wedding Photographer

If you think about it, each of those details are pretty essential to your wedding. Without them, you’d be standing barefoot in an empty room. Each detail, no matter how small, attributes to the ambiance of the day. These pictures will make your wedding memories even more vivid when you look back 50 years from now.

The day of the wedding can be pretty hectic as you scramble around trying to prepare. It’s best to ask the maid of honor to gather these items for you so that the photographer has access when he or she arrives.  This saves the photographer a lot of time, meaning you’ll have even more pictures of yourself getting ready! Unsure of which items to get together? You can always ask your photographer for an opinion.  Although my rule of thumb is if you paid for it, I’m taking a picture of it.

Stories by a Wedding Photographer
The Case Of The Disappearing Photographer

wedding photographerOne of the first things I do when speaking to a potential bride is tell her about the case of the disappearing photographer.  We’ve all heard the stories on the news: Photographer collects thousands of dollars from excited couple for the wedding package and runs off with the money, never to be seen again (until, of course, he’s jailed).  I am sure many people would wonder why on earth I would try to scare possible clients – that isn’t what I’m trying to do at all!

It starts with trust. From the initial inquiry until the bride receives her images, the photographer should always remain in contact with the bridal couple. The photographer should send occasional emails just to say “hi” and to see how the planning is progressing. Wedding vendors should never want a bride to wonder where they are or panic because she can’t get a hold of them. In fact, I sometimes joke that if I were to run off with their money, the paper trail would make it so incredibly easy to find me.

When choosing your photographer (or any wedding pro), I encourage you to look past the price, even the quality of work, and think about how you feel when you receive their responses.  Did a week go by before you received a response to your request for information? Have your phone calls gone unanswered? Both of these, amongst others, can be red flags.

Planning a wedding should be fun and stress-free and by choosing the right pros, it can be.

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