Groomsmen gifts

Groomsmen Gifts: When Should You Give Them?

Groomsmen gifts have gone from being generic (and tacky) items that gets dumped to the bottom of an attic storage box, to unique and functional products that groomsmen actually make good use out of. With the increasing interest that grooms now have to giving the best groomsmen gifts that they could possibly find, the next…

Wedding Cakes Ideas

Outside the Box Wedding Cake Ideas

Take a look at a wedding infographic that offers some of the top alternative wedding cake ideas such as cheese wedding cakes, cake pops and more. Also, get some great ideas for unique wedding cake toppers.

grandma wedding horror story

Grandma Is Hip To Be Square – Wedding Horror Story

While watching reality TV shows, many shows’ themes are “Expect The Unexpected”. While working with many bridal couples as they plan their weddings, I tell them the same thing. I tell them that something may go wrong. It could be big or it could be little. It all depends on how you handle the situation….


Where To Get The Best Wedding Websites Builders?

Wedding websites are a great way to let your family and friends know about the details of your wedding. We stopped offering our wedding websites in February 2015. As a result, here is a list of some of the best wedding websites builders offered on the Internet.

41 wedding events to set to music

41 Wedding Events To Set To Music

Music plays an integral part of every American wedding. Music sets the theme and tone of a wedding and reception. The tempo of music also sets the mood. If the music played is of slower tempo, you would want guests to sit and relax while eating their dinner. Fast tempo music is great for playing…

wedding song lyrics

Wedding Song Lyrics – Finding the Right Wedding Songs

The average song is about 3 minutes long. Most wedding receptions are about three to four hours. At three hours, this would be sixty songs of non-stop music for a three hour wedding reception and eighty songs for a four hour wedding reception. This does not include the wedding ceremony. Typically, a wedding ceremony is…