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what marriage should be

What Marriage Should Be – Until Death Do Us Part

With the recent divorce announcements of celebrity couples Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton and Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck, my heart breaks for them. Being a celebrity and having your life under a microscope by paparazzi photo seekers, media and the powerful public opinion MUST be extremely difficult. Needless to say, I would not want to switch places from…

best rap love songs

10 Best Rap Love Songs For Weddings

When many people think of popular rap music, the first thought is typically not wedding music. However, there are many love songs in the Rap genre that can be played at your wedding. Our list does include old school and new school rap for everyone. Before playing any of the below rap songs at your…

elevator songs

Elevator Songs – Elevator In The Song Title

July 31 is Talk In An Elevator Day. While in an elevator, it is a great time to meet people as you are both is such a confined space. You can create short conversation by asking the other person if they are from the area or what brought them to the same building. When looking…